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« It is the only hunt in France where we do not kill game », defends LREM deputy Alain Péréa – Insurance for Pets

The elected representative of Aude affirms that the opponents of this very old technique « purely and simply want to ban hunting in France ».


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« It is the only hunt in France where we do not kill game », said Friday, August 7 on franceinfo Alain Péréa, LREM deputy of Aude, while a delegation of hunters was received earlier in the day in Matignon to discuss the possible ban on hunting birds with glue. « It is the entire hunting world that feels concerned by this practice », says the elected representative of the majority.

People simply want to ban hunting in France.Alain Péréa, LREM deputy for Audeto franceinfo

For years, they have attacked pieces of the hunt by destroying it little by little. It’s enough ! It has to stop. Hunters are not officials, we don’t call them when we need them « , the deputy LREM got angry.

Alain Péréa believes that the glue hunt has become « the spearhead of anti-hunting associations ». « You should know that this is one of the oldest hunts in France, continues the member. It is the only one where we do not kill the game because the objective is to have at home a certain number of birds which will then allow him when the hunt will be open to have a caller [oiseau tenu dans une volière et dont les cris doivent attirer d’autres oiseaux]. « 

The deputy for Aude, if he disagrees with the Minister for the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, believes that « Life and France are people who have different opinions. They are people who have different approaches and who allow us to move our country forward. »