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IS THAT ALLOWED: barbecuing in the Spoorpark? – Insurance for Pets

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Rules: you hold on tightly to them or you try to break them as much as possible. But sometimes we don’t really know what is allowed and what is not. That is why we ask ourselves about many things: is that allowed? This week: can you have a barbecue in the Spoorpark?

Nice weather calls for a cozy barbecue in the park. Load your picnic basket full of sausages, vegetables and marshmallows, lug a cooler with cold beer and take the disposable BBQ under your arm. This is good in most parks in Tilburg. For example, you can have a barbecue in the Wilhelminapark, Leijpark, Reeshofpark, City park De Oude Dijk or De Muzetuin.

Barbecuing in the Spoorpark: is that allowed?

What about the Spoorpark? This is a park that sometimes has its own rules. For example, no pets may be let out. The park regulations state that barbecuing is allowed. However, this does not apply to the entire park. “It is allowed to barbecue on the playing field, the large lawn in the middle of the park. Provided there is no inconvenience to other visitors and no damage is done. ”

No beer at the barbecue

One more thing: you can also forget that cold beer, because it is a criminal offense to go into public space with an opened can or bottle of alcohol. You can, however, consume alcohol in the catering areas of the park, such as on the terrace. But here you are not allowed to eat or drink your own food.

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