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Is cat insurance operational abroad? – Insurance for Pets

People who see their cat as a real baby take them even when they are on vacation. Most owners actually do pay special attention to their cat. In all cases, it is better to be considerate, and therefore, to take precautions beforehand.

Why have your cat insured?

Cats are also man’s best friends. They are part of the family. And as a member of the family, the cat also goes on vacation. It will also avoid the turmoil over the care of the animal.

The journey should not be taken lightly, however. Surely Chat offers a comparator to help you easily choose the insurance that suits your needs. Unfortunately, the insurance is only valid in France. The cat should therefore switch to veterinary care in the event of an accident, without a mutual cat. Expenses due to medical care will be paid in cash by the owner.

How to ensure the health of the cat abroad?

Do not stress for the health of your pet. If you must travel with it, simply take out pet insurance. Indeed, almost all insurance companies offer cover, which is valid everywhere in Europe.

So, even if you consult a veterinarian abroad, and you had to pay the full cash, you just need to keep the care sheets and the invoices well, in order to get a refund, once in France.