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Invasion of processionary caterpillars in Couvin: « Keep your dogs on a leash », warns the veterinary clinic – Insurance for Pets

An invasion of processionary caterpillars has been observed in Couvin and more particularly in the Calestienne region. According to information reported by l’Avenir, several nests had already been spotted and destroyed last year. But in recent weeks, their presence has exploded.

« We mainly have them in Viroinval, but last year, we observed them in Boussu, on Couvin. We can therefore think that there must be some in this entity, but we do not make a census there. Doische, on the other hand, I also found some « , says Marc Huart of the Walloon Forest Health Observatory to our colleagues.

The processionary caterpillars are about 3 cm long and move « in procession » from temporary nests in search of food. Coming into contact with the stinging hair of these animals can cause skin, eye and even respiratory tract irritation.

Keep your dogs on a leash

Their nests and their hairs – which can last up to seven years and withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius – remain intact, however, and must be removed with a special industrial vacuum cleaner.

For its part, the veterinary clinic of Couvin warns of the danger of these insects for our pets. « During your walks, the presence of nests and groupings of these caterpillars must be reported to the municipality. The municipalities of Couvin and Viroinval were recently affected and marked the trees carrying an orange cross and a For neighboring towns, keep an eye out, they may not be spared. So be sure to keep your dogs on a leash « , warns the establishment on its Facebook page.