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initiation of an investigation into the management of the crisis, the authorized remdesivir – Insurance for Pets

The pandemic has killed at least 522,246 people worldwide since China officially reported the disease in December, AFP reported. More than 10,922,300 cases of infection have been diagnosed in 196 countries and territories.

The United States is the most affected country, with 129,405 deaths. This is followed by Brazil (61,884), the United Kingdom (44,131), Italy (34,833) and France (29,893).

  • France: judicial inquiry

Investigations will be carried out on the management of the crisis in France by the former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe and the former Ministers of Health, Olivier Véran and Agnès Buzyn, with the imminent opening of a judicial investigation. The complaints commission has found nine complaints against these former members of the government admissible.

  • WHO: « To wake up « 

The World Health Organization urged countries affected by the coronavirus on Friday to « to wake up« And to »engage in combat« Because » the numbers don’t lie « . For the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic, Latin America has overtaken Europe in number of cases, with more than 2.7 million patients.

  • Remdesivir authorized under certain conditions

The European Commission has authorized « conditional marketing»Of the antiviral remdesivir in the EU, used to treat patients with severe new coronavirus. Initially developed against Ebola hemorrhagic fever, this antiviral is the first therapy to have demonstrated some efficacy in patients hospitalized for Covid-19 in a clinical trial of significant size, even if the effect is considered to be modest.

  • Air France: job cuts

The management of the Air France group has announced plans to cut 7,580 positions in Air France and the regional subsidiary Hop! by the end of 2022. The company plans to cut 6,560 jobs out of 41,000 (full-time equivalent permanent contracts) with the French company and 1,020 jobs out of 2,420 at Hop !, she said in a press release

  • England: quarantine relaxed

Travelers arriving in England from more than 70 countries and territories, including France but not the United States, will be exempt from quarantine from July 10. London, however, said the country would not hesitate to re-impose restrictions if the number of cases were to increase in the countries with which the United Kingdom opens again. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland retain their quarantine measures.

  • Beijing wants to ban live poultry from its markets

While a market selling live animals in Wuhan City is believed to be the birthplace of the epidemic, China has pledged to phase out the slaughter and sale of live poultry in the food market. « China will restrict trade and slaughter of live poultry, encourage mass slaughter of live poultry in places subject to certain conditions and gradually close markets for live poultry », Chen Xu, an official with the National Administration of Market Regulation, said at a press conference.

  • Agreement between Israeli firms and the UAE

Two prominent Israeli defense companies reported an agreement with an Emirati company to collaborate on the development of a non-invasive screening test and « in a few minutesFor the new coronavirus. The two countries have no official relations.

Costa Cruises, the world’s number one brand in the Carnival sector, has announced the extension until August 15 of the suspension of its cruises in the world as well as the cancellation of all its summer cruises in Northern Europe.

  • Relaxation in Colombia

Colombian justice has ordered the right-wing president Ivan Duque to ease the strict confinement imposed on people over the age of 70, who are deemed to be more vulnerable to the new coronavirus.

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