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In Thailand, a recital for the monkeys – Insurance for Pets

A few months ago, the city of Lopburi, in Thailand, became unlivable. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, tourists who fed the monkeys have deserted the scene. Faced with the food shortage, the starving primates have grown out of control. Today, tourism is still at a standstill and the monkeys are still in search of food.

But in the shade of the city temple, a pianist has settled down to play in front of a very special audience. The English musician, who resides in Thailand, hopes to raise awareness about the hunger threatening primates, while studying their behavioral reactions to listening to classical music. « I like to play the piano for animals under high stress, explains Paul Barton, pianist. Music may play a role in their rehabilitation. We all need to make an effort to ensure that they are getting enough food. And when they do, they will be much calmer and less aggressive towards the humans who live nearby.. « This poetic and original initiative will perhaps have enabled the city of Lopburi to find the tranquility of a moment.