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Illuminate grievances in animal transport – Insurance for Pets

The special committee set up in the European Parliament before the summer break to implement the EU regulations on animal transport has now been officially constituted.

At the first meeting of the body last week in Brussels, the 29 members present elected the Luxembourg Green politician Tilly Metz as her chairman with 22 votes. Seven MEPs voted for the AfD MEP Sylvia Limmer, who also served as committee chair. The CSU agricultural politician Marlene Mortler was appointed first deputy chairperson without any opposing candidates. The Dutch Anja Hazekamp from the Group of the United European Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL) and her compatriot from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Social Democrats (S&D), Mohammed Chahim, will also act as deputies.

Martin Hojsík from Slovakia, from the liberal Renew Europe (RE) group, was also elected vice chairman. The new chairwoman of the special committee, Metz, was delighted with the trust placed in her colleagues. The people in Europe expected that concrete research results would be presented soon.

The Luxembourg MEP admitted, however, that there wasn’t much time, but a lot of work. The official mandate of the new committee includes investigating alleged violations and abuses of EU law in the case of animal transports. Specifically, animal welfare should be investigated during transports within and outside the European Union. The respective responsibilities for the controls will also be an issue over the next twelve months.

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