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Ille-et-Vilaine: the whale lost in the Rance has found its way home – Insurance for Pets

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Video length: 2 min.


Article written by

P.-Y. Salique, C. Jauneau, T. Bouilly, C. Apiou

France 3

France Televisions

The humpback whale, which had been stuck since Thursday February 9 in the Rance estuary, near Saint-Malo, has gone back to sea. She succeeded, Friday, February 10, to cross the dam separating the river from the English Channel.

A humpback whale made an involuntary stopover in Brittany. 26 hours of hide-and-seek in the Rance estuary, stuck in the dam of the tidal power station. It is a young adult, measuring between seven and ten meters. « L’animal (…) traveled many kilometers yesterday, but we are still on an animal which is not in great shape« , explains Gaël Gautier, the director of the association Al Lark.

The whale left with the tide

Very quickly, the whale attracted the curious. She went back to the surface to breathe, every 5 minutes or so. « It was impressive, since I had never seen one in my life »says a young boy. As soon as the cetacean appeared, the gates of the tidal power plant were opened to allow it to come out, and the production of electricity was stopped. The cetacean finally left Friday February 10 with the tide and should head towards the Balearic Islands.

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