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hunting resumes this weekend thanks to a dispensation but some do not want to limit themselves to harmful big game – Insurance for Pets

Despite the confinement, some hunters can once again indulge their passion on Saturday, November 7. They obtained an exemption from this weekend for the large species considered as pests like deer or wild boar. « November and December are a big hunting season in normal times », Explain Vincent Filon, farmer in Haute-Saône but not a hunter. « SIf we stop hunting for a month, a month and a half, 2,000 to 2,500 wild boars will not be killed and there is a risk of serious damage to the crops which have just been sown in the month of ‘October. »

The Secretary of State for Biodiversity, Bérengère Abba, issued a circular asking the prefects to supervise the resumption of hunting in the public interest to regulate above all large game, excluding recreational hunting. But in some departments, decrees extend the list of species. This is what happened in Pas-de-Calais. Willy Shraen, lhe president of the federation of hunters, affirms that he is authorized to hunt all small pests, in particular the wood pigeon or the black-billed magpie. « As soon as we talk about species other than big game, we have a blockage. »

There are departments where, I’m sorry, but wild boar is not the main damage concern. These are other species.

Willy Schraen

to franceinfo

« It was necessary to know how to effectively adapt this circular which allowed it, defending Willy Schraen. And then, we inevitably find ourselves in opposition to people from the department who tell us that it is out of the question. So why write it down?  »

Certain federations are thus suspected of wanting to force the passage, of blurring the line between regulatory hunting and recreational hunting. The telephone answering machine of the Landes federation is particularly edifying: « Regarding hunting, it remains possible for an hour within a radius of one kilometer, provided with your derogatory exit certificate », indicates the recorded message.

Yves Verhillac, the director general of the League for the protection of birds, threatens to attack the few prefectural decrees which, according to him, distort the spirit of the circular. « There is a large majority of prefects and departments where the decrees are correct and we will not attack them, he explains to franceinfo. But there are a few departments where, obviously, we now have hunting authorizations that should not be. We see here the whole scandal of the hunting lobby in France. « 

For its part, Europe ecology-The Greens denounces the derogatory regime, considered as a breach of equality during confinement in access to natural spaces.

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