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Each year, more than 100,000 animals are abandoned in France, according to SPA figures. A sad European record. To try to stem this sad plague, the LREM deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes Loïc Dombreval has just revealed a report containing 121 proposals for animal welfare. Among these, the idea of ​​a free and compulsory certificate before the adoption of a cat or a dog. « This is not yet another license, » says the president of the « Animal Condition » group at the Assembly, at the microphone of Europe 1. « It is a certificate of knowledge, it will be a quiz. »

« It must be fun, done in a simple way, but it will print in the head of the one who will acquire three, four absolutely important ideas which will allow him to make sure that the marriage with the pet takes place good « , continues the deputy.

Limit compulsive shopping

The report also wants to limit compulsive purchases of animals, sometimes under pressure from children. To do this, sales in pet stores, fairs or on the Internet must be prohibited. To acquire a new companion, the future owners will have to go to a breeder or a refuge. Urgent proposals for Reha Hutin, president of the 30 million friends Foundation, who denounces the sale in pet stores on Europe 1. « This is where we really use animals as an object of consumption: we attract the barge, sometimes you can buy your puppies on credit. It’s terrible because the person buys on a whim, knows nothing about it, there is no sense of responsibility, « she deplores.

Internet sales of animals, sometimes at bargain prices, are also a source of abandonment, according to the president of the Foundation. « Often, these are animals that arrive by importation, from animal trafficking, coming from puppy mills in the countries of the East, » she says. « It’s the door open to abandonment since these are animals that have been weaned too early, that arrive half the time sick … The person who is tricked on a site, when he can no longer keep it, that ‘she realizes that he has behavioral, health and other problems, it is obvious that she abandons him. « 

Improved penalties for animal abuse

In the report, a contribution by Robert Badinter is particularly noted. He proposes the creation of a Defender of Rights or the creation of a secretariat dedicated to the animal condition. A measure requested by the SPA for a long time. « It means that the idea is germinating, that the look on the animal condition is completely different from that which had the generation which preceded us. Now it is necessary that the politician rolls up his sleeves », assures Jacques- Charles Fombonne, President of the Society for the Protection of Animals

The penalties for proven mistreatment of animals should also be reinforced: three years in prison and a 45,000 euro fine, compared with 2 years and 30,000 euros currently. « We must still apply the sentences, » replied Reha Hutin. « In 2016, the Foundation managed to change the Civil Code, to recognize the animal as a living and sensitive being. Since then, the magistrates have started to take this into account. »

« We are civil parties in a hundred cases a year, mistreatment is just a ticket, which costs even less than a badly parked car. However, we must prove that there was an act of barbarism » , adds the president of the Foundation, stressing the difficulty of proving such an act.

Associations await further action

The associations remain generally satisfied with the 121 proposals and await their transcription in the 2020-2025 animal welfare plan, planned for the end of the year. « Hopefully the mountain will not give birth to a mouse because the proposals are great but so far we have not seen a government that is very concerned with animal welfare, « said Reha Hutin.

While waiting for something concrete, defenders of the animal condition continue to pressure the government to be heard. The 30 million friends Foundation notably posted a petition on social networks: # Nonàl’abandon.