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His purring is not a harmless ‘snoring’ – Insurance for Pets

Your Cat lead a peaceful life, made of naps, a little hunting and many caresses. It is true that when he is lumpy on the bed that he agrees to share with you and that you pet him, he easily starts to purr. Generally, his eyes are half open, il shows you his confidence and well being. If you pay attention to his behavior as much as he analyzes yours, you have already realized that he did not purr when he was alone but only in the presence of other cats or humans. What is cat purring? What does that mean?

Should we be worried if our tomcat doesn’t purr? We tell you everything.

What is cat purring?

It is simply a means of communication set up by the mother and her little one from an early age. When the latter was hungry, he came to suckle his mother for food, both of them thus showed great confidence and also shared a moment of calm. Your cat considering you as its mother, it does nothing but reproduce what it did from a very young age. This small, regular humming noise is usually emitted when you stroke it, but not always.

Technically, the snoring of your furball is the pleasant version of snoring, working in the following way: your tomcat will use the vibration of muscles, located in the larynx and the diaphragm, at different frequencies.

It sounds so simple.

Why is your cat purring?

We must admit, we concede once again, that your fur ball is just as mysterious as it is full of surprises. Indeed, if purring is a means of communication as we have seen above, but not only. In a very large majority of cases your cat makes you understand that it feels good [VIDEO].

However, it can also mean that it is close to its goal. If he asks you to eat and he sees that you are going towards his bowl, he could start to purr. However, it can also be a way for him to express his fears or a stressful situation. It is therefore essential to observe the overall behavior of your cat in order to understand the meaning of his purring.

What are the benefits of your cat’s purring?

If sleeping with your cat would have many advantages, the same is true for your cat’s purring. Indeed, these would affect your health. It has been proven that purring would calm and soothe people who pet their pet but also other animals that are nearby. According to various experts, we are even talking about « Ronrontherapy ». Thus, by its production, purring would act on the complex tonsill, closely related to human emotions.

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