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He is the big shy bay of Somme, the one that all tourists look for. But to see the seal, it is better to be well equipped. Here, seals and men have always lived side by side, but two months without tourists have made the animal even more suspicious, more discreet. It is often only a head emerging from the water or a silhouette lost in the horizon. « They rest, they sleep, they get tanned in the sun … It’s super beautiful », lets go an admiring walker, binoculars on the nose.

A scent of freedom

To hope to approach seals, you have to throw your shoes and jump into the water. A return to liberating nature after two months of confinement. « It’s more pleasant to walk by the sea than to sit on a sofa », says a hiker. Breathe the iodized air, extend your gaze far away: gestures finally found and like a scent of freedom.

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