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Het Bonnetje: ‘Eat so many bananas that we are called banana family’ | NOW – Insurance for Pets

Every day to the super around the corner and only stock A-brands, or all bargains once a week? In the section The Bonnet every week we speak to a normal (or slightly less ordinary) Dutchman about his or her supermarket strategy.

Who: Jannet Veenbaas (39)
Earns a living if: Shiatsu massage therapist and coach
Lives: In Groningen

Jannet’s receipt

  • Rice coconut drink 3.09 euros
  • White asparagus 8.71 euros
  • Apple puree unsweetened 1.83 euros
  • Tahin 6.78 euros
  • Dried figs 8.97
  • Hazelnut spread 3.29 euros
  • Peanut butter with sea salt 4.55 euros
  • Raisins 4.51 euros
  • Chestnut mushrooms 1.79 euros (offer)
  • Pointed pepper 2.90 euros
  • For the senses peaceful tea 3.79 euros
  • Apples 2.42 euros
  • Ceylon cinnamon 1.89 euros
  • Rice cakes with sea salt 1.02 euros
  • Total 55.54 euros

How often do you shop?

« Usually every day. Especially to get fruit and vegetables, because we eat a lot of that. Fresh is the best. The employees in this shop call us ‘the banana family’, because we eat so many bananas. My husband and I eat five or six bananas every day, my two children two each. Do the math! We do that because we don’t eat gluten. We get our carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables. « 

You have paid more than 50 euros for fourteen products, I see.

« That’s right, it’s expensive – we buy organic. We’d rather spend our money on healthy food than on gadgets or gear. Much of our money goes to food and drink. »

« We think that is a good way to spend it, because it is an investment in your body. You can buy cheap bangers, but then you will lose a lot of money later to fix your health. »

Do you spend about 50 euros on groceries every day?

« Usually it is a bit less, now the figs, raisins and tahini were used up. And these are all large packs. 750 grams of figs, 750 grams of raisins. »

Do you have a lot to spend?

« We are both self-employed and have our own business. We have a good income. But above all, we consciously spend our money. We live in a small 1930s house, from which we have paid off the mortgage. And we do not need a larger or more expensive one. house. Then you have money left over. « 

Jannet and her husband drink celery juice every morning. (Photo: Private collection)

What do you use the tahini for (sesame paste)?

« I spread it on a rice cake as a snack. My daughter takes spelled bread with tahini and cucumber to school. That’s one of her favorites. We have different kinds of nut butters in house. We eat vegan. »


« We have been doing this for years, not only because of animal suffering, but also because of our health. Vegetable eating has more benefits. We want to eat food that helps our body and does not bother us. »

Do your children also eat vegan?

« Yes. Occasionally we share a tartlet from the organic butcher or eat fish fingers, my daughter likes that. When they go to eat somewhere else, I tell them they can just eat what they eat. I ask the parents then whether they don’t want to give both milk and meat and a dessert. Otherwise they will suffer from their intestines. « 

So milk isn’t good for everyone?

« We don’t think so. We’ve been researching how we want to eat for a long time. We ended up with the American health guru Anthony Williams and following his diet. First my partner and I had health problems. Now we feel fitter and better than ever, and our complaints have disappeared. «