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Donate now for the animal shelters in Krems and St. Pölten

With their bonus points, EVN customers can now support the Krems and St. Pölten animal shelters and help their four-legged residents have a pleasant stay in the animal shelter.

Hundreds of animals – dogs, cats, wild and domestic animals, but also a few exotic animals – are taken over, looked after and fed from the two animal shelters in Krems and St. Pölten each year and, with a little luck, they are moved to a new home. They depend on donations for this enormous task.

“In order for the animals to feel good, donation support for the animal welfare associations is essential. The current situation regarding the corona virus keeps us in mind again and again how important mutual support is. Fundraising events for the animal welfare associations were largely canceled, but animal rescues were still carried out as usual, ”says EVN spokesman Stefan Zach, explaining the current situation.

_2: Celina Baudisch (EVN) with Ruby the dog

Collect & donate bonus points – this is how it works

All EVN household customers who purchase electricity or gas automatically collect bonus points. In addition, even more bonus points can be collected with little effort – for example by registering for the newsletter, e-mail billing or using Online Services PLUS. The bonus points collected can be redeemed for many different offers, but also donated:

– Log in at to find out the current status of bonus points

– Enter the donation amount and confirm with « Donate bonus points now »

More information at

_3: Molly the cat is happy about every EVN bonus point donation

Animal Welfare Association St. Pölten

Founded in 1949, the St. Pölten Animal Welfare Association celebrated its 70th anniversary last year. The animal shelter has been located at « Gutenbergstrasse 26 » since 1985, where around 1,000 animals pass through the shelter every year. What is special is that the housed dogs are treated using the « Sheila Harper Method » and so a massive stress reduction is achieved in the animals.

The collected donations are to be used for the new “paw residence”, the “animal learning workshop” and a therapy room for traumatized animals, among other things.

For all those who cannot take a four-legged friend into their home, there is also the possibility to register as a voluntary walker. All information and times can be found online at:

_4: Celina Baudisch (EVN) and Katrin Eillenberger (Krems animal shelter) with Ruby the dog

Animal Welfare Association Krems

After the old location was no longer sufficient, a new animal shelter was built in Krems in 2002. For the first time, the most modern knowledge of animal behavior was put into practice. A model for all of Europe was created.

Many animals get to know love and safety for the first time in the Krems animal shelter. Skills training and trusting are cornerstones in the rehabilitation of fearful four-legged friends. A therapy garden was even created to support traumatized dogs. Donations are intended to help expand the therapy program. The needs-based keeping of rabbits and guinea pigs as well as the alleviation of stray cat misery are real concerns of the animal rights activists in Krems. Donations are urgently needed for vital operations and medication.

_5: Celina Baudisch (EVN) with foundling Freddie

Information about the shelter at

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_1: Velina Arnegger (EVN) with Chihuahua bitch Mimi

Kind regards, Mag. Stefan Zach MAS, Head of Information and Communication, EVN Group, EVN AG, mEVN Platz, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf, T + 43 2236 200-12294,

_5: Celina Baudisch (EVN) with foundling Freddie

Kind regards, Mag. Stefan Zach MAS, Head of Information and Communication, EVN Group, EVN AG, mEVN Platz, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf, T + 43 2236 200-12294,

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