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You sleep wonderfully until your rest is disturbed by a set of headstrong animals. You can hear them tripping on the ceiling. Would it really be rats? If you have rats in your house, you have a serious problem, because rats cause a lot of discomfort. From broken clothes and bags to serious stench and mess. In the worst case, there may even be a fire hazard! Are you curious how to recognize these unwanted pets and how to get rid of them as soon as possible? Then read on!

Which rats cause nuisance?

When you hear a rat walking through your house, you can almost be sure that you are dealing with a brown or black rat. Although they are both omnivores and especially active at night, they also differ in certain aspects. The brown rat is a lot bigger and is not afraid of people. In addition, especially black rats make a lot of noise by squeaking and screaming. After all, they differ based on their appearance!

Why do I have rats in the house?

When you think of rats in your house, you soon think of stench, gnawing and mess, but how do they get into your house and where are they mainly hidden? The presence of rats in the house or in the garden can have various causes such as;

  • Safety
    Rats naturally have a lot of enemies. Think of dogs, cats and birds of prey that love to hunt rats. To secure themselves, rats hide in a place where they have enough food and heat to survive. Unfortunately, they soon choose our houses and barns.
  • Warmth
    Not only safety is important, heat and drought is also very important for rats. The brown rat can also stay in a somewhat humid environment. When the rats have found their place, they will build a nest. In this way, a rat’s nest can quickly develop into a real pest!
  • Food
    Food is perhaps the most important requirement for rats when looking for a permanent home. It is not without reason that they are known as « omnivores ». They eat all kinds of food and gnaw everything: from electrical lines to carpets and from clothes and bags to boxes and baseboards. As long as they can keep their teeth in length!

What can I do to scare the rats away?

Catching rats is very difficult. They are very smart and especially cautious animals. They therefore fear new objects in their environment. This makes it very difficult for us to fight them. A fight therefore requires a lot of patience and the correct use of resources. In addition, the place where you hear or see the rats is not always the location where they are located. Do you want to give it a try yourself? Then we have some tips!

  • Rat traps
    You can catch the rat by means of rat traps. You can use a walk-in trap, a drop trap or an electronic trap. But you have to take a long breath if you want to catch all the rats that way!
  • Rat poison
    Rat poison can also cause the rats to die. The poison ensures that the blood can no longer clot and that internal bleeding occurs. However, there is a good chance that they do not get to the poison or that they are already resistant to the poison you use. And remember: you shouldn’t use poison outdoors!

Do these tips not seem to work? Get help from Beestjes Kwijt

Are you guaranteed to get rid of the rats? Please contact your local pest repeller of Beestjes Kwijt. The national platform Beestjes Kwijt has a large network of pest control agents, including one in your area! Do not hesitate for a moment and contact us directly for a professional rat control!

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