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Heat wave, animal abandonment … What to remember from the regional press – Insurance for Pets

It is very hot and this is a news item that can be found in many regional dailies this Monday, August 10. « The furnace ! » in one of Paris-Normandy, « Desperately looking for freshness « , for The Courrier Picard, « all means are good to escape the heat, why not take a dip?« . Same thing in One of Vosges Morning, « The search for freshness ».

Then there are the animals in one of the regional dailies: « Pets: a system to change », title the Telegram to talk about the sad European record that France holds in terms of animal abandonment. There is also this One of Alsace along with the eagle owl, long accused of being the bearer of misfortune and black magic, the animal is now reconquering its former territories in Alsace.

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