Vice-voorzitter Jos Ubels van Farmers Defence Force is de houding van de overheid spuugzat (Rechten: RTV Drenthe/Karin Mulder)
Insurance for Pets

Hard actions Farmers Defense Force: ‘Go home working on Wednesday’ – Insurance for Pets

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« I can’t tell you much about it, but we’re going to notice it all over the Netherlands. » Ubels tells reporter Karin Mulder of RTV Drenthe. « We try to save as much nitrogen as possible in one day, which is a wish of the ministry and we can certainly help with that. » When asked what FDF is planning on that day and whether he wants to shut down companies and sectors, Ubels does not want to go all the way. « We’re going to see it, it’s almost Wednesday. »

Demonstrate under conditions

Farmers are allowed to demonstrate in the Security Region. An earlier ban on demonstrations involving tractors and other agricultural vehicles has not been renewed. Demonstration is only allowed under certain conditions. Farmers have to apply for a permit from the municipalities if they want to demonstrate somewhere. « As FDF we have always registered our demonstrations and we are going to do that now. »

Farmers previously blocked various distribution centers, waste processor Attero in Wijster and part of Groningen Airport Eelde. That sometimes creates dangerous situations. « I understand that it is not convenient to drive onto the runway, but blocking an airport should be possible. »

Determine what you eat

It deeply touches Ubels that The Hague determines what his cows should or should not eat. « It touches me so deeply as a farmer and entrepreneur. I think every citizen can understand that if you are told from above what to feed your children and pets, you don’t want that. »

Mark van den Oever of FDF previously indicated that next Wednesday will be « a starting shot » for subsequent protests. « We prefer to work on the farm. There is one time that is enough, enough. We have done everything to discuss it, but she is not doing anything with it. It should be ready now. »

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