Insurance for Pets

Generali enters the market – Insurance for Pets

Generali is expanding its range of products with a new offer aimed at dog and cat owners. While almost half of French households own a pet, including 20million dogs and cats, only 7% of dogs and 3% of cats are insured.

Mon Animal Generali (MAG) … It is under this name that the insurance company is launching a new offer of health cover for pets. While less than 10% of French domestic animals are covered, MAG falls under three different formulas 100% online: Prudente, Ruse and Avise.

Concretely, Mon Animal Generali ensures the connection with a network of partner veterinarians seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the event of concern and covers part of what it calls the prevention costs, i.e. an annual visit with vaccine in veterinary surgeons and deworming treatment. Evaluate 60euros per year, they are reimbursed up to 30, 40 and 60 euros depending on the formula chosen. According to a SantVet study, the annual veterinary fees are 275 euros per year in 2020 for dogs and 158 euros per year for cats.

Cover for unforeseen costs

But, lo Generali hopes to pull its pin from the game, it is in the case of so-called unforeseeable costs linked to an accident or illness (operations, hospital package, etc.). These costs, within the limit of 2000 euros, are covered up to 90% for the high-end formula with a deductible of 60 euros per year.

Our ambition is to meet an important need in an underinsured market. Cats and dogs are the life companions of all of our customers: families and seniors. So we really believe in the potential of this product. This is the first Generali France product launch for all of our distribution networks and the reception they have received has been excellent, says Caroline Bruzac, Director of Personal Insurance Solutions at Generali France.

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The welfare of the animal is also taken into account: hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, physiotherapy or scaling sessions can also be reimbursed. Finally, services to help find the animal in the event of a runaway, animal education or psychological monitoring are also available.

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42, 68 or 92euros for a 4-year-old bulldog

Still a major unknown: the price of this health blanket. Generali’s communication department did not answer us, so we contacted the brand’s agencies as an average customer. In the first three, no price proposal was made because of the novelty of the offer. In the last one, we were able to estimate a monthly amount to ensure our French bulldog 4 years old, puc and strilis: 42, 68 or 92 euros depending on the formula chosen.

A minimum amount per year of 504euros well above the annual average of 275euros of veterinary expenses for a dog. This deviation can be explained in particular by the breed of our witness animal and its age, which does not make it eligible for the death option.