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Furious resident Wognum chases firework cutters – Insurance for Pets

WOGNUM – “I am so done with the fireworks, done with the police and the municipality doing nothing about it, I will now take measures myself, ”a resident of Wognum told Medemblik on Sunday morning after another night of lighting. fireworks in his area .. “As far as I am concerned, there may be a curfew and very severe penalties. I have been here for days with pets who are stressed by the heavy bangs,Said the man.

Last night was the last straw for the man when fireworks were thrown in his garden, the man ran outside and chased two boys who were running away. Unfortunately for the man, he couldn’t get hold of the two firework throwers. “But I do have a description of those two ‘bastards’ I will report to the police tomorrow.

The nuisance from fireworks is not only great in the municipality of Medemblik, last night a boat in Enkhuizen caught fire due to arson and the center of Enkhuizen looked like a war zone, local residents told Enkhuizen Current


Depending on how serious the offense or crime is, the offender will be fined or imprisoned for surrendering illegal fireworks. The fine is quickly € 400 per illegal article that has been chipped. Young people can (for less serious offenses or crimes) also attend a Halt-punishment qualify.

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