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« Fundamentalists », « enlightened » … When Eric Dupond-Moretti attacks the « ayatollahs of ecology » – Insurance for Pets

The Minister of Justice claims to be a « passionate » hunter and attacks certain environmentalists in the preface of a book by the president of the National Federation of Hunters to be published Tuesday.


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« This book, the ayatollahs of ecology will use it to light the barbecue where they will cook their soybean steaks. » So says Eric Dupond-Moretti in the preface to the book by Willy Schraen, the president of the National Federation of Hunters (FNC), in bookstores Tuesday, August 18. In this text, written before his arrival at the Ministry of Justice and revealed by The JDD Sunday August 16, the former lawyer fully assumes his passion for hunting. « They want us to be ashamed of being a hunter, (…) to make us feel guilty for being who we are, because we are also our passion », writes the former tenor of the bars, himself passionate about hunting.

In the preface to this work entitled A hunter in the countryside, Eric Dupond-Moretti also criticizes the « extremism » and the « blind dogmatism » of those who see the hunters « like murderers », comparing them in turn to « illuminated » and « fundamentalists ».

When I kill a partridge, I am not ashamed. Eric Dupond-Moretti, Minister of Justicein the preface to the book « A hunter in the countryside »

This book, Eric Dupond-Moretti describes it as « little gem ». He thinks « that it is made so that the hunters raise their heads. Finally! »

Heavily criticized, this preface prompted the minister to explain himself. The new Minister of Justice wanted to remindyears a tweet, Sunday, « to have always been » a « defender of climate and nature ».

To believe Willy Schraen, at no time did the Minister of Justice ask him to remove his name from the preface. « The question did not arise for a second, assures the JDD the president of the National Federation of Hunters. Yes, he is Minister of Justice, but he remains Eric Dupond-Moretti, with his convictions and his clear way of saying things. «