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Making your home smarter is often done for more comfort or because it is fun. Say to Google Home: Hey Google, Netflix and chill! after which he dims the lights and switches on Netflix on the television, which is a good example of smart home. However, there are also a lot of less attractive home jobs that smart products can help you with.

Do the dishes

Although dishwashers are not exactly new, those devices are also getting smarter. It is no longer a device in which you put a block yourself and press some buttons and wait. Smart dishwashers, for example from Samsung, LG, Siemens in Boschcan help you with so much more. You can set and switch on smart dishwashers remotely via an app, partly because they are equipped with an automatic soap dispenser that you only have to refill once or twice a month. You will also receive automatic notifications when the program is over. There are also programs to set, so if you put a rather caked lasagne dish in the dishwasher every week, you can set just the right program to get your bowl spotless. Finally, there are also dishwashers with smart locks, so that your children cannot open the appliance in the middle of the program.

The window patch

Geckos are animals that have evolved to give them ‘sticky legs’. Thanks to the suction cups under their feet, wonder geckos can perfectly bump into the glass of a terrarium. This revolution is also applied in, for example, the Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner, which clamps to your window with a suction cup and cleans everything. This is not only very practical if you are not a fan of window cleaning: it also makes it easier to clean windows that you normally had to do dangerous antics with a ladder. You can determine exactly where the robot window cleaner moves to via the app. All you have to do is wash the microfiber cloth afterwards. You can also wait for a while smart windows, although they must of course also be washed.

Feeding cats or dogs

Whether we should classify this entirely under a household task depends on your relationship with you pets but for those who are a little more distant from their animals, feeding can be a tedious job. A job that you really shouldn’t forget. There have been automatic feeding stations on the market for decades, offering all-weekend feed that is made available by lid every day, such as the House that we recently tested. There are also smarter pet food devices that can monitor when your pet is eating and even talk to your pet from a distance.


There are of course cooking robots that can make complete star meals, but they are still a bit expensive. The ‘next best thing’ is a slow cooker. Consider, for example, a Crockpot. In the morning you put all kinds of ingredients in the appliance and after a long day of work you come home and have a warm dinner. Thanks to the app, you can let things heat up before you get home and in any case exert more influence on the cooking process as the day goes on. In addition, there are smart ovens that do more or less the same for you, also via a remote app. But there is more: they often have a screen with which you can request recipes, they can clean themselves and you can through speech talking to the oven to have it open when your hands are full, like the Home Connect from Siemens.


Although summer has come to an end, this is one of the most hated jobs in and around the house. Mowing. It lasts almost all year round and it takes quite a bit of energy. The Husqvarna Automower, but also the smart lawn mowers from Gardena, Robomow and Wolf-Garten, can mow the grass for you. Like a kind of robot vacuum cleaner, such a device goes over your lawn. The end result is also very sleek. Plus, they are better for the environment than, say, a gas-powered mower. In many cases it is also the case that if he needs new electricity, he automatically returns to the charger and then happily gets back to work. Knowing more? We discussed recently everything you need to know about robotic lawn mowers.

To make coffee

When guests come, you should always leave them alone in the living room to make their own coffee in the kitchen. With a smart coffee machine, you don’t have to be a bit less active with that. In addition, you can often make all kinds of different types of coffee, a big plus for guests who like a Latte Macchiato instead of black. Moreover, there are even smart coffee machines with which you can ‘print’ latte art, so that you can, for example, make your guest’s head on the coffee. We recently tested the brand new Nespresso, of which only 1,000 are made: Nespresso O. Below you can see the Siemens EQ.9, on which you can, among other things, create a ‘coffee playlist’. Want to know more about smart coffee machines? We discuss the basics in us article about smart coffee machines.

Fold laundry

It often takes a long time and it is difficult to do it very tightly and properly. Folding the laundry is not the most annoying job, but if you are not good at it, your clothes will continue to look like when they just came out: chaos. A smart laundry folder can help. Now it is quite an investment, but if you really hate it, then for about 500 euros you have a laundry folder (Foldimate) that makes the clothes in your closet look like you live in a luxury clothing store. Well, at least it’s cheaper than the Laundroid.


We all know that there are robot vacuum cleaners, but to complete this story, we’ll add it anyway. The Roomba has continued to improve in recent years, but also received competition from, among others Samsung in Eufy. He can now clean longer at a time, vacuums better and can navigate around furniture as if he were a ninja. It can be programmed and controlled with the app. Like the aforementioned lawn mowers, Roomba also returns to its charging station when it is empty. Read more about scenario’s that you can set to make your house vacuum automatically and what you should pay attention to if you want to buy one.


In line with the robot vacuum cleaner, there is also a device that helps with other dirt on the floor. iRobot Braava can wet mop the floor or some sort of steam so that stubborn dirt on the floor, such as muddy animal feet or caked grease in the kitchen. He can also keep an eye on whether he is not wetting furniture. Very smart. Braava can simply do its job while you are working in your home office: when you come back to the living room, your floor is shiny clean.

Cleaning the toilet

You can opt for a Fluidmaster Flush ‘n Sparkle for cleaning the toilet, but that is actually not necessarily a smart device. The only useful thing is that it cleans in a different place so you don’t ruin your septic system. What you can consider, for example, is to purchase a Japanese toilet. These are very smart: they are equipped with all kinds of buttons to clean you in various ways or to give you a fresh feeling. There are also those who clean the toilet, like one of Toto. There are also some more Western pots that can clean themselves, such as the American Standard model below. You can also for these features choose to make your toilet smarter.

Do the laundry

It is often a tedious job, but that is actually mainly because there is a lot of aftercare. Doing the laundry is now a lot easier: you throw the dirty laundry in the drum, for example set your hybrid washing machine so that it washes and dries everything and you take your clothes out reasonably ready to fold. Smart washing machines are effective because you can switch them on remotely via an app, such as before you go to sleep when the energy rate goes to off-peak hours. Smart washing machines are also getting smarter. That of LG can, thanks to artificial intelligence, see which program it can run best based on the fabrics in your laundry. Also read about what a smart washing machine can do. If you do not have a device that is a washing machine and dryer in one, there are also various smart dryers on the market. For example, LG leaves the washing machine with the dryer to communicate.

Knowing more?

Would you like to read more about smart home appliances? Then you can extend us archive with background articles refer to it. In addition to smart household products, we also discuss protocols and platforms for your smart home here.

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