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Trail to the lakes of Camporells in the town of Formiguères (Pyrénées-Orientales). (CLEMENTZ MICHEL / MAXPPP)
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During school holidays, franceinfo junior switches to summer time with children’s questions.

The thousands of kilometers of hiking trails in France risk being well surveyed this summer, especially in the mountains. But how the mountains live this period of summer: avalanches, eternal snow, presence of hikers in wilderness where many animals live … We talk about it in Franceinfo junior with our guest of the day, at the microphone of Estelle Faure : Christian Jacquier, president of the national union of mountain guides. A profession he exercises in the Mont-Blanc region, straddling France, Italy and Switzerland.

Ariane, 11, asked her questions at the microphone of the program: At what altitude can there be snow in summer? How is mountain rescue organized? How to find your way in the mountains? Are animals used to seeing hikers in the mountains? On this page, you can listen to this entire Franceinfo junior program dedicated to the mountains in summer.