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For the good of her couple, Meghan Markle has decided not to integrate the dog she rescued into the royal family! – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 7/18/2020 at 9:07 a.m.

Written by Anthony Pruvost
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© Meghan Markle / Instagram

Meghan Markle is forced to stop caring for her dog to preserve her marriage.

The duchess of Sussex and famous actress from the Serie Suits, had adopted his first dog following his stint on the showEllen DeGeneres. It was a crossbreed dog, German shepherd and Labrador, which she baptized Bogart.

Often filming, the star decided to welcome a new dog to keep company of Bogart. Guy therefore joined the family, as reported The Sun.

The actress was very fond of dogs who were like her children. They slept in bed and ate only the best quality organic food. But by meeting the prince Harry during his stay with the star in Canada, the current did not go well between the dog and the husband.

When she got married, the actress obviously had to move to settle in Great Britain. The princess then left Bogart with very good friends in Canada because the dog did not like the prince.

The princely couple has adopted Oz, a Labrador with a black robe.

When Meghan markle and the prince Harry settled in America, Bogart did not join them. This sad decision was taken by its former owner who had to make the choice to part with it in order to preserve his marriage.

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The couple were photographed by the paparazzi walking their dogs, Oz and Guy, at Los Angeles.