Insurance for Pets

Food bank for animals opens new branches in Breda and Tilburg – Insurance for Pets

In Breda the animal food bank will soon be located in the hall of the former court on the Sluissingel. A suitable location is still being sought in Tilburg.

The food bank for animals is intended for people who can no longer care for their animals due to circumstances. « If you have a job, but you get sick or get fired, it is quite something to get rid of your pet. Nobody wants to make that choice. There are many clients who get isolated because they have nothing left and then their pet still the only support. It’s nice that those people have something to share their love with, to be able to tell a story. « 

However, the animal food bank has the rule that customers are not allowed to take new pets.

Debt restructuring
Debora Sep is also a customer of the pet food bank in Etten-Leur. As ordered, she receives a bag of cat baking grid and cat food from Priscilla. « Unfortunately, I cannot afford this myself. We are at home in a debt counseling process and as a result it is now a lot less financially. » Removing the cats is not an option for her: « To be able to cuddle with the cats is something to look forward to. We have support for that. »

Priscilla de Veth started the pet food bank almost three years ago: « I heard that more and more people are struggling to care for their animals. I also have pets and know that they are a very important part of your family. » The relief organization is now temporarily in a former boarding school in Etten-Leur and is looking for an alternative location in Roosendaal.

Runs well
« It sounds really stupid to say so, but it is actually going very well here. We have a lot of clients, a lot of donations are made and we have a lot of volunteers. So we can run it well. It’s just a shame so many people need our help, of course, « says De Veth.