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Fallow deer roam the streets of Boissy-Saint-Léger: « Some people thought it was a hoax » – Insurance for Pets

Not sure that they have obtained a derogatory displacement certificate before leaving: two fallow deer were caught walking peacefully this weekend in a deserted street of Boissy-Saint-Léger, in Val-de-Marne . Shot on Sunday morning, the images were broadcast and widely shared on Twitter. The video, relayed and reposted by many Internet users, sometimes even reaches nearly 900,000 views. It was Christophe Legrand, a landscape architect who has lived in Boissy for just over five years, who surprised the scene from his apartment. « I had just woken up, it was barely 8 am and I was preparing my breakfast after opening the windows to take advantage of the fresh air, tells the inhabitant to France 3 Paris Île-de-France. I heard a strange sound of hooves, it didn’t sound like horses. So I put my head out of my window and saw two magnificent fallow deer with their antlers walking quietly in the rue Vallou de Villeneuve, before coming out on the rue de Paris.« 

Some comments thought it was a hoax with tampered images

Christophe Legrand, now amazed at the success of his images online, then had the reflex to take his phone to film: « I never imagined that the video would leave my circle of acquaintances when I posted it on Facebook. Since I even had feedback from friends who sent me the images, it has circulated at an incredible speed. And people’s reactions are sometimes surprising, some comments thought that it was a hoax with doctored images.« 

Fallow deer from Piple’s estate

According to the town hall, the deer come from the area around the Piple’s castle, on which there are a hundred deer. « We are lucky to Boissy to live in a country town« , explains for his part Régis Charbonnier (PS), mayor for 12 years, who specifies that 70% of the 980 hectares of total area of ​​the town are covered by forest and natural areas.

They left alone, without incident, after their morning stroll

« It’s true that we sometimes see them at night near the domain, but it’s more exceptional to see deer in the city center, during the day, believes the city councilor. Usually, the municipal police guide them to the wooded areas. There it is quite funny, it seems that the deer look successively left and right at the end of the street, as if they were checking the passage of cars on a pedestrian crossing. They left alone, without incident, after their morning stroll.« Out of 16,684 inhabitants, the mayor also estimates the number of cases of Covid-19 contamination at around twenty in the town. If nature is in fact certainly far from repossessing our cities, biodiversity is more noticeable With confinement. While the visible human presence is reduced and noise pollution drops, particularly near highways, videos of wild animals in urban areas have multiplied since the start of the crisis.

Ducklings on the ring road, birdsong in Paris …

Friday evening, also in Val-de-Marne, images also broadcast on social networks showed the presence of ponies and a zebra in the towns of Champigny and Chennevières – animals which would belong to the Badin circus, temporarily installed in Ormesson , according to the HuffPostAnother unusual scene, this time in Paris: a video broadcast last Wednesday March 25 by the police headquarters on Twitter showed a litter of ducklings and their mother walking on the side of the ring road. All of this, supervised by bikers from the DOPC, the directorate of public order and traffic. The confinement and the fall in noise pollution are finally an opportunity to hear much more the song of birds in the Paris region. What counting cash at the window: the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) even challenged, « Confined but on the lookout!« , calling on volunteers to take 10 minutes a day before recording their data.