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Fallout 76 will get pets in a future update -… – Insurance for Pets

Last night an AMA took place on Reddit with project leader Jeff Gardiner and designer Ferret Baudion from Bethesda. During the AMA, specific questions about the future of Fallout 76 were answered.

Many of the questions about Fallout 76 were about the CAMP system and what the plans are for it. Small additions are being made to the CAMP this year, and Bethesda is looking to see if players can build their own settlements in the future. The companions were also briefly discussed. In addition to adding more allies in the future, developers are already moving pets to Fallout 76. There is also a 2020 roadmap in the works that will be shared with players soon. In any case, the Wendigo Colossus event will take place in the summer.

Yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that following the Radstag in the game can lead to a nice reward. So it is not always wise to shoot everything immediately.

Fallout 76 is currently playable on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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