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France 3 Poitou-Charentes, D. Laveau, A. Darrigrand, M. Sitaud

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A dog sled ride allows you to discover the Sèvre valley, near Niort.

There is an air of the great North in Échiré (Deux-Sèvres). With his sled dogs launched at full speed, François Richard, passionate musher, offers a sensational ride. « They trust me 100%, so I too have to be able to trust them. They are really listening. Then they do what they like« , he says of his dogs.

After a well-deserved refreshment break, the Alaskan Huskys are already ready to go. To live this adventure, a budget of 100 euros is necessary. « We offer walks to allow people who do not necessarily have the means to go to the mountains, to the snow, to be able to dog sled all the same.« , explains François Richard. After the effort, it’s time to cuddle with the dogs. It only takes a few weeks to discover the Sèvre valley with these sled dogs, because the tourist season ends. , for them, with the arrival of summer.

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