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Expert in animal ethics: « Many pets do not have a good life » – Insurance for Pets

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SPIEGEL: Ms. Schmitz, animal shelters are currently reporting historically low stocks, while dealers are again reporting record demand. You yourself live as a vegan and demand that livestock farming be stopped. Do you also want to get rid of pets?

Schmitz: I think: most forms should no longer exist. Far too often the needs of the animals are not taken into account. They are considered entertainment objects that are easy to get rid of. Many pets have been adapted for their own convenience, they are like an accessory. You don’t have a good life.

SPIEGEL: They sound like all pets suffer and humans torment them.

Schmitz: Often there is no intention or bad will behind it, but rather ignorance. But also ignorance. Therefore, there are certainly many more animals suffering than we realize. But I can also imagine variants in which humans and animals live together and both sides benefit from it. But that would have to change a lot.

Schmitz: Only animals should be kept whose needs can be met. Hamsters and rabbits in apartments, for example, or fish in aquariums are always extremely restricted. Animals should not be considered property or children’s toys and no one should make money from them. Trade would therefore no longer be possible, neither would breeding. From my point of view, profit as a goal is always dangerous. Humans then tend to put the profit intention higher than the interest of the animal.

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