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‘Everything, but also everything from our own soil’ – Insurance for Pets

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My grandmother used to say it: if there is no money, then potatoes are eaten; when things get a little better, people eat chicken; if the clippings are even better filled, they switch to beef and pork, and if things are really going well, they become vegetarian. We used to laugh about it at home, of course, but I think she’s going to be right. It is, of course, beautiful and a good sign that the economy is thriving. Even after the difficult period of the last eighteen months.

Supermarkets are keeping up with the trend and economic progress and are all switching to Beter Leven poultry meat. But where is all that meat going to come from? There does not seem to be enough stable space in the Netherlands, which is why there are already companies in Poland and Romania. I am curious about the situation there with the CO2 footprint and animal welfare and how the supermarkets view this.

Albert Heijn sets a good example and only wants to source animals from the Netherlands. Tribute! In my opinion it says enough about the Animal Protection that does not include the country of origin as a requirement in the quality mark. It would be a win-win situation for all broiler farmers, provided the regular sector is of course allowed to continue to supply. Beter Leven poultry farmers do have to compete with colleagues from the former Eastern Bloc. Why should the less fortunate fellow man not have access to cheaply produced animal protein from their own country?

I am also curious what will happen to the origin of chicken products in meal salads and the like. There is no obligation to state origin. We wait. Perhaps that will be communicated by the time it comes. I am confident that the large purchasing groups will explain this with full transparency to the poultry sector and, above all, the consumer. A nice challenge.

Beter Leven poultry farmers have to compete with colleagues from the former Eastern Bloc

Erik van Veldhuisen, broiler farmer in Renswoude

Finally, I would like to return to my previous column. In it I asked if there is a Caring Farmer who would like to go through a slaughter form together and see if I can still make a profit in the welfare of my animals. With the exception of a call from a Caring Farmer laying poultry farmer, I received no responses. Unfortunately. Would I still have good ‘care’ for my chicks? I would also like to hear that, while enjoying a vegetarian snack if the stock market allows.

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