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At the Agriculture Show on February 26, we saw Minister Didier Guillaume confiscate a journalist’s microphone and get upset. In question: an email leak from his ministry, which seems to contradict public statements about a slaughterhouse in Dordogne. The 8 pm eye compared official and unofficial speeches.

It all starts with the broadcasting of videos that the animal welfare association L214 says they shot in the Sobeval slaughterhouse in Dordogne, in November and December 2019. In these images, the association denounces breaches of regulations, such as the absence of cattle at the time of stunning. Consequence according to the association: increased animal suffering.

In a press release, the Dordogne prefecture reads these images quite differently: “the first time you view the association’s videos, there is no evidence of non-compliance with the regulations.”The same day, identical speech by the Departmental Director of veterinary services, Frédéric Piron in front of the camera of France 3: « I have no information to say that we have shortcomings, anomalies, non-compliance with regard to animal protection in this slaughterhouse. »

Internal message leak seems to say otherwise

No elements, really? A leak of messages internal to the Ministry of Agriculture, revealed by L214, seems to indicate the contrary. The day before the interview, an adviser in the minister’s office said: “Certain nonconformities can be identified on this video”. Then an agent from the office of the slaughter establishments writes: « I have made the list of undeniable, even major nonconformities noted! »

For Sébastien Arsac of the L214 association, these internal discussions demonstrate that the administration’s discourse changes when it is addressed to the general public. « We really have double talk, we have a factory of doubt to try to discredit the work of the association, we have a lie that will try to reassure the consumer. « 

Contacted, the Ministry of Agriculture today admits an incomplete communication. Officially, last week: no problem. Now, the cabinet acknowledges the abattoir’s breaches of regulations … but minor. “We talk about nonconformities when they are major. There is no major non-compliance visible on the video, that’s what it means … It’s sure, the Prefecture’s press release lacked precision, ” one admits in the entourage of the Minister of Agriculture.

The slaughterhouse has filed a complaint against L214 for defamation. The ministry opened two investigations for him: a first on the practices of the establishment, and another, internally to understand the origin of this leak … a bit annoying.

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