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The German feed industry is moving at a constant level. According to the latest market surveys, 287 reportable companies across Germany produced a total of 23.9 million tons of compound feed for farm animals and pets in the 2019/2020 financial year. The figures collected by the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) were named by the Deutsche Verband Tiernahrung e. V. (DVT) on the occasion of its general assembly, which was carried out digitally this year. “The number of companies has only decreased slightly by 6 companies compared to the previous year. The continuous decline in compound feed manufacturers is continuing, ”explained Jan Lahde, President of DVT.

With 171 companies (almost 60 percent), the north of the republic continues to be the center of compound feed production. The average production volume achieved per company in the 2019/2020 financial year was around 83,000 tons. This corresponds to an increase of 2.5 percent. The company’s growth threshold is still at an annual production of 100,000 to 200,000 tons. Their volume has increased steadily since 2016/2017 until today. On the other hand, companies in the listed size class were able to continuously expand their market share during this time. Companies under 100,000 tons have largely reduced their production on average over the past few years.

With around 73 percent of the total production (17.4 million tons), the northern federal states had by far the largest share in compound feed production. The volume in the southern federal states decreased by 0.4 percent to 3 million tons. 3.5 million tons came from eastern Germany, around 3 percent less than in the previous year.

As in previous years, pig feed made up the largest share (40 percent) of compound feed production with 9,613,555 tons. The pig feed sector was thus able to further expand its scope in the 2019/2020 financial year by 125,309 tonnes (1.3 percent). The proportion of cattle feed in total compound feed production is around 29 percent at 6,999,180 tons. In contrast to pig feed, the production volume in the cattle sector decreased by a minimum of 73,473 tons (1.04 percent) compared to the previous marketing year. The quantities of poultry feed produced are also falling. With a total volume of 6,142,998 tons, the production volume decreased by 225,863 tons (3.5 percent) compared to the same period of the previous year. The share of poultry feed in total compound feed production was almost 26 percent.

In the corona pandemic, the feed industry was able and is able to show that the supply of feed to agriculture is guaranteed through the existing supply chains. Lahde: ​​“The availability of agricultural raw materials is good globally.” He rejected a general restriction of feeding to regionally available raw materials: “Even if the proportion of different types of grain in compound feed is a good 48 percent and this, together with the mill by-products, is predominantly from the company’s own Originating from the country, animal refinement is dependent on the global procurement of raw materials for a versatile, high-quality animal nutrition and protein supply. ”Lahde also emphasized that the manufacturers of animal food could be grateful and proud to work in an industry that is essential for survival and despite all the critical ones Discussions about agriculture once – at least for a brief moment – was perceived that way.

According to Lahde, the outbreak of African swine fever is like a twilight of the gods. « We are all well prepared, but we have little influence on developments in the markets, » said Lahde, commenting on the situation. The only thing left for the manufacturers of pet food is to consistently adhere to hygiene measures in order to prevent the disease from spreading. Regardless of this acute crisis, however, there is no doubt that pig production in particular is under great pressure due to political decisions, including the various strategies in arable farming and livestock farming, and that a reduction in the population is to be expected.

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