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Düsseldorf: New Year’s Eve tips for animals: Even with restrictions, there is a stressful end of the year for pets and wild animals – Insurance for Pets

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Even if there are restrictions on the New Year’s fireworks this year due to Corona, the most stressful time of the year is ahead for pets and many wild animals. Airport hotels are an increasingly popular way to escape stress. Some airport hotels have special offers for masters who would like to welcome their four-legged friends into the New Year in a relaxed manner.

On the one hand, fireworks must not be set off around airports, and on the other hand, the windows in most of the airport hotels are particularly soundproof – so there is absolute silence there. The Bund Deutscher Tierfreunde also asks the toughest firecracker friends to show consideration for the animals. Parents in particular should appeal to their offspring to be careful and considerate when they bang, advises the Bund Deutscher Tierfreunde (BDT), based in Kamp-Lintfort.
Far-reaching firecrackers bans apply this year in almost cities and municipalities. Although the bans were issued because of Corona, they are also a blessing for the animals. Many dogs and cats have already been lost on New Year’s Eve, as the animals searched in panic for a hiding place that would save their lives. The same fear-influenced behavior applies to animals in the field and in the fields.

Firecrackers bans – blessings for the animals

The Association of German Animal Friends has also put together tips on how pets can survive New Year’s Eve as unscathed as possible. Most importantly: On New Year’s Eve, and especially at night, neither dogs nor cats should be allowed outside, emphasizes the Association of German Animal Friends. Not even in supposedly safe gardens. Outdoor cats should definitely not be allowed to go out in the morning on New Year’s Eve.
Cats, small animals or birds survive the noisy night best if they can be accommodated in a quiet room with closed and darkened windows. Music in the room can also help. Caring pet owners stay with their four-legged house mates on New Year’s Eve or organize reliable care.
And caution is advised even before the actual New Year’s Eve. Dogs in particular should only go for a walk on a leash in inhabited areas on the days leading up to New Year’s Eve. Suddenly ignited firecrackers can startle them so much that they run away in a panic.

Stay calm and calm

Caution: Frightened dogs should not be comforted too much, as this will make them feel even more panicked. Dog owners should stay calm and serene and ignore the dog’s fear – this is how serenity is transferred to the animal, advises the Association of German Animal Friends. In animals that are extremely anxious, the use of gentle sedatives has proven itself, veterinarians have appropriate preparations ready. The use of a spoonful of eggnog as a sedative is controversial; alcohol is actually always unsuitable for animals.
Grazing animals, such as horses, are escape animals. It goes without saying for every responsible horse owner not to leave the animals unattended at the turn of the year. The four-legged friends should be brought to their stable in good time.
The New Year’s Eve bangs also put a strain on the wild animals in the forest. Therefore, fireworks at the edges and clearings of forests or in parks should be avoided. If you want to make a contribution to animal and nature conservation, you should simply forego rockets and fireworks – the money saved in this way can also be used differently, advises the Association of German Animal Friends. And another tip for « quiet » customs: When pouring lead, for example, pet owners should ensure that their animal does not come into contact with the water used, otherwise there is a risk of severe lead poisoning.

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