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Dogs with flat faces are more likely to contract Covid-19 – Insurance for Pets

The United States recently discovered its first case of Covid-19 in dogs, after positive tests on a pug living in North Carolina. According to specialists, this breed seems more vulnerable to the disease because of its physical characteristics. Thus, they extend the risk of coronavirus infection to dogs with a similar morphology.

As a precaution in the face of the current pandemic, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has recommended extending social distancing to pets. Indeed, specialists still ignore the consequences of the virus on dogs, cats and other domestic species.

So the subscribers dog insurance will now have to put in place measures to protect their canine companion from the Covid-19. The media recently revealed a case of coronavirus contamination in these animals. A pug has indeed tested positive for the disease in the United States.

Several contaminations of animals have been identified in the United States

According to information from the New York Post, the pug with Covid-19 may have been contaminated by one of its three masters. The latter have indeed tested positive for coronavirus. As a result, the animal likely contracted the viral disease through direct contact with them.


According to its owners, the dog was sick only fromofdog insuranceofdog insurancefor a few days and that he is recovering. Following this first case in the canine breed, American veterinarians warned owners of dogs, especially pugs, of the risks of contamination during this pandemic period. They also argue that thecanines with similar traits may be more vulnerable.

In all cases, the CDC’s warnings prove to be most relevant, with regard to the recent animal contamination in the country ( cats, but also tigers and lions from a zoo).

What are the most exposed dog breeds?

The pugs are notably characterized by the brachycephalic syndrome. Due to their crushed noses and short snouts, they usually suffer from respiratory problems. This atypical profile also complicates the processes involved in breathing.

As veterinarian Annie Harvilicz, chief physician of the Animal Wellness Center hospitals explained:

Humans with respiratory problems are among the hardest hit by Covid-19, and it goes without saying that the same applies to canines.

Annie Harvilicz

By extension, specialists consider most of the so-called breeds brachycephalic as more vulnerable to Covid-19. These dogs are distinguished by a short neck, a flat face and a flat nose, among other things.

Thereby, owners of shih tzu, chow chow and bulldogs must be as vigilant as the owners of pugs against the risk of contamination.