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When you take out a health insurance policy for your dog, a waiting period applies. This is a more or less long period that runs between the date of signing the contract and the effective date of coverage. Thus, in this period of time which can last a few days or several weeks, or even months, the animal is not taken care of, which can prove to be problematic for the well-being of its little companion. There are, however, some dog mutuals that offer formulas without a waiting period. Our details in this file.

What is the waiting period for dog health insurance contracts?

The waiting period is a more or less long period which extends between the date of signature of the mutual health insurance contract and the date on which the animal’s cover takes effect. This latency period is more or less long since it can last 2 to 4 days or 6 months. While some insurers impose a fixed waiting period, most define it according to the insurance formula taken out (basic, intermediate or premium), the risk to which the animal is exposed according to its breed, its history and its his place of life, but also according to the state of health of the doggie when taking out the contract.

This waiting period allows insurance companies to protect themselves in the event that the dog becomes ill, has an accident or if the owner simply wishes to take out a contract to cover expensive costs that he plans to exempt his little companion ( scaling, surgery, etc.). Indeed, even if the contract is signed, all the care that the dog could benefit from during the latency period would be entirely the responsibility of its owner.

Due to the relatively high cost of veterinary care, it is not uncommon for some owners to turn to insurance companies that offer contracts with no waiting period in order to protect their pooch as soon as possible.

Take out a dog mutual insurance contract with immediate effect

To set themselves apart from the competition, several insurance companies now offer mutual insurance plans for animals that take effect immediately, that is to say without a waiting period. It must be said that these very practical formulas are attracting more and more people.

However, be aware that most of these formulas are limited to certain low risk profiles. Indeed, they are generally only offered and accepted for young healthy dogs whose breed is not known to be subject to specific hereditary pathologies or weaknesses and who do not live in a dangerous environment.

It must be said that elderly, sick, fragile or from sensitive parents may require more care than others and cost more to insure. Older dogs in particular are sick more often, they need more expensive examinations, expensive operations and treatments, and the costs of euthanasia and funerals are unfortunately often necessary.

However, you should know that if the owner of the animal can provide his insurer with a health examination certificate completed by the veterinarian attesting to the good health of the dog, the insurance company may agree to remove or review the reduced waiting period.

How to take out a mutual health insurance contract for dogs without a waiting period?

Avoid signing up with the first insurer who will agree to cover your animal, even without a waiting period. If they are not in the majority, you will necessarily find the one that suits you at a reasonable price by playing the competition.

Use online quote comparators. These free, non-binding and personalized tools allow you to receive several offers in a few minutes that meet both your pet’s needs and your financial possibilities. You then have plenty of time to study these formulas and request detailed quotes for those that interest you. Carefully compare these quotes for the same offer to be sure to benefit from the same guarantees and choose the one that inspires you with confidence and offers the best value for money.

Count 10 to 50 euros per month of contribution depending on the chosen formula. From the basic formula to the premium offer via the intermediary, it is important to take out a contract that suits you. Be vigilant on the conditions of the waiting period, but also on the costs of deductibles, the reimbursement rates and the care concerned, the annual reimbursement ceiling and the conditions of withdrawal.

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