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Posted on 07/05/2020 at 4:11 p.m.

Written by Alexander God
in the category Emotion

© maxlikeshugs / Instagram

Every master gives life instructions to follow to his pet. Max, the dog also has some recommendations to make and a great passion for hugs.

Max is a English Cocker Spaniel 2-year-old who obeyed his masters perfectly, but also knew how to demand a certain rhythm in the cuddles.

The owner of dog, Kathryn Toope, ensures The Dodo than Max has always had great ease in assimilating house rules. She also says that she only taught him the most basic principles. The dog manages to learn new things on its own.

Max use codes for communicate his desires to his family. A doorbell tells them when he wants to go out and a sign of the paw when he calls for encouragement.

But the most surprising is the way in which he has managed to get them used to the types of greetings he claims.

Max don’t admit less than 3 hugs per day. Everyone goes there: the plumber, the postman, the friends, the family. When leaving, you have to say goodbye to Max.

The adorable quadruped has a lot of love to give. “Even at the dog boarding house, when leaving, Max says goodbye to everyone present. « , tell Toope.

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Another process is reserved for greetings from welcome. When someone enters, Max offers him a shoe to express his joy in receiving it. Without forgetting the hug.

Max is very happy like this. He managed to impose the lifestyle that suited him.