Houdverbod van 10 jaar voor dierenmishandeling
Insurance for Pets

Do not keep animals for 10 years after animal abuse – Insurance for Pets

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An animal is a living being that has an intrinsic value. In animal abuse and neglect, this is grossly ignored. A firmer approach is therefore necessary. That is why the court can from now on impose a ban on keeping animals for a maximum of 10 years as an independent measure.

This and more is regulated in the bill to tackle animal abuse and animal neglect by Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security and Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

Keeping ban as an independent measure

The ban on keeping animals may mean that someone is not allowed to keep or own animals, fewer animals or certain animal species. In the past, a ban on keeping animals could only be imposed by the court as a special condition for a suspended sentence. This bill introduces the ban on keeping animals as an independent measure. As a result, the ban on keeping animals can be imposed in more cases to protect animals.

Keeping ban and area ban

The judge can now also decide that the ban on keeping animals will take effect immediately after the court decision. This prevents someone who has been convicted by a court of law while awaiting an appeal from keeping animals for years under appalling conditions. In addition, the ban on keeping animals can include an area ban; to prevent anyone from approaching places where animals are kept. For example, dozens of cases are known in which animals have been abused or killed in stables, meadows and on children’s farms.

Livestock farms and pet stores

It is also possible that companies, such as livestock farms or pet stores, do not properly care for the animals under their care. Now those companies can be shut down if human or animal health is at risk. This bill provides that this is also possible when the welfare of the animal is damaged, for example due to malnutrition or poor care.

Bill for advice

The Council of Ministers has agreed to send the bill to the Council of State for advice. The text of the bill and the advice of the Council of State will be made public upon submission to the House of Representatives.

Source: National government

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