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discovering green crabs and « mascarete », the emblematic boats of the lagoon – Insurance for Pets

The morning we met him, the fisherman Domenico Rossi hurries: he has an appointment. At the beginning of November, the green crabs of the Venice lagoon (Italy) are in the moulting period. For two days, the males will wear a special, very soft shell. Domenico does the sorting: he recognizes those who can be sold. « Each crab has distinctive markings on its belly, which an amateur eye might not notice« , explains the fisherman with a smile. In the lagoon, about twenty of them continue this activity.

Further on, along the water, an amazing silhouette appears: it is a « mascareta ». To sail in the Venetian way is to travel standing, facing the bow, with a single oar, on these traditional boats. Boats with such a special aesthetic; all similar, all different. « They use these boats for sporting vogue, but there was a time when they were used to go to work, to go fishing; it was a bit like cycling on dry land« , says Agosino Amadi, marine carpenter.

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