Newsscout P.* nervt sich über diesen Snack für Hunde in der Landi.
Insurance for Pets

Despite working with Swiss farmers – Landi of all people is now selling dog food from China – Insurance for Pets

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Newsscout P. is annoyed about the Landi: The shop sells snacks for dogs from China. Swiss animal welfare knows the problem: food for cats and dogs often comes from Asia.

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Newsscout P. * is annoyed about this snack for dogs in the Landi.


Because it comes from China, as the abbreviation PRC on the package shows.


After all, the Landi belong to the Swiss farmers and should use local products, according to P.

Tamedia AG

  • In the Landi there are snacks for dogs that come from China.

  • That annoys news scout P. After all, the Landi belongs to Swiss farmers.

  • Swiss animal welfare also wants more domestic animal feed.

Newsscout P. * is disappointed with the Landi: When he wanted to buy food for his dog there, he discovered that it came from China. “That doesn’t work at all,” says P. After all, the Landi belong to the Swiss farmers and should use local products.

These are the “Bitsdog” brand snacks for dogs with the flavor of chicken fillet. « There are enough Swiss chickens to produce dog food, » said P. Animal husbandry in China is very poor and should not be supported by imports.

On request, Landi says that the company orders from suppliers in Switzerland whenever possible. The snack comes from China, however, as this supplier can ensure the availability of the requested quantity.

Landi has an office in China

Since Landi identifies dog food from China accordingly, it is ultimately up to the customers whether they buy the product, says marketing expert Adrienne Suvada from the ZHAW to 20 Minuten: “Landi even has an office in China, which is why this is it Cooperation known. « 

It is also not realistic to cover the entire range with Swiss products. Landi has too many articles on offer for that. « Landi actually declares on its website which products come from Switzerland or the EU, » says Suvada.

The origin of animal feed is often unclear

When it comes to animal-friendly products, Landi is supported by the Swiss animal welfare organization STS. “We regularly check the range and give Landi feedback,” explains Luzia Oeschger from the pet department at STS. In the end, Landi itself decides whether a critical product is removed.

« Although many products that are problematic from an animal welfare point of view have already been removed from the range, we do not always have the same opinion, » says Oeschger. Food for cats and dogs has also been an issue. As a first step, it is important that the origin is evident.

« Unfortunately, this is not the case with many retailers, » says Oeschger. In most cases it is unclear where the animal components in the feed come from. It is then also unclear what the keeping conditions of the animals looked like.

“Then only Asia or Europe is on the package. That says nothing about animal welfare, ”says Oechger. The STS is committed to ensuring that animal products in dog and cat food increasingly come from Switzerland. It should also be clear from which animal husbandry the meat comes.

* Name known to the editor.

Landi Schweiz AG operates around 270 shops in Switzerland and employs around 4,000 people and 300 apprentices. The main shareholder is the Swiss agricultural cooperative Fenaco. The Laveba Cooperative in St. Gallen and the Schaffhausen Cooperative Association (GVS) hold further shares. The Landi brand also stands for the 183 agricultural cooperatives and stock corporations throughout Switzerland. The Landi members are active Swiss farmers.

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