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Dear Edward ended up on the street and is now looking for a home – Insurance for Pets

New animals regularly arrive at the Vlaardingen Animal Shelter. Together with you, we want to ensure that everyone has a nice home. This week we put Edward in the spotlight. Can you help this sweetheart find a home?

“Edward was unable to come when his owner had to go to a nursing home and then wandered around the neighborhood for a while. This 10-year-old tomcat stayed close to ‘his house’ all this time, but of course could not enter anymore, very sad. A great animal lover has been trying to gain his trust. He always came to her to give cups, but he didn’t let himself be caught just like that. ”

From Dracula to tongue outboard

“In the end it worked out and he was brought to us. Edward appeared to have intestinal problems, so something was done about it. He also had to get his teeth fixed: his fangs were loose and protruded, making him look like Dracula. Because they were loose, his fangs had to be removed and as a result he cannot always keep his tongue inboard. He can just eat with it, and he likes to do that very much. He gets Royal Canin Sensitive and he likes it very much. Finally, the poor little fellow had also started sniffling. But now, after all these annoying situations, he is rid of everything and can finally look for a new owner! We are looking for him a quiet household with adult residents where he can spend time in the garden. Edward is not a cat that immediately jumps into your arms, he needs time to get to know you and his future owners take all the time for that. Do you have a garden and do you want Edward a good life? Let us know! »

Getting acquainted and adoption

“We request that you send as detailed information as possible by e-mail about the family composition, living situation (yes / no garden / balcony), work situation (during and after corona), any other pets and the experience with cats. In this way we get the best possible picture of the situation. Do not forget to mention the contact details including telephone number. You can send an email to: [email protected]. It is not possible to reserve a cat by email or by phone. Meeting the shelter cats is only possible by appointment. The adoption rates can be found on the website. ”

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