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Can I still walk my dog? Can I still go to the sauna? How do I get groceries? Ingrid, Louis and Marije want to know that.

What about the measures?

All events involving more than 100 people will be canceled throughout the Netherlands. This concerns, for example, (premier league) competitions, but also theater performances and exhibitions in museums.

These measures will remain in force until March 31:

  • Stay at home with health complaints, such as a cold, cough, or fever
  • Events with more than 100 visitors will be canceled (including all premier league matches)
  • Limit visits to the elderly and frail
  • People are called upon to work from home as much as possible
  • Vulnerable people can better avoid public transport
  • Schools go not close

Can I just run errands?

All supermarkets in Italy are closed except supermarkets and pharmacists and Belgium has closed all until April 3. The Netherlands has not yet taken such far-reaching measures. Social activities such as shopping, dining out in restaurants or a visit to the sauna can therefore continue as usual. Shopping is certainly no problem.

But, Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned yesterday afternoon, people have to estimate the risk themselves. « If you are a little older or in fragile health, we think it is wise to avoid large groups until the end of this month. »

And to what extent is that still possible?

Sports umbrella NOC * NSF has advised to cancel all sports events until March 31. This includes all competition, practice and training matches. Among other things, the Rotterdam marathon has been postponed.

Most gyms are open, but with extra precautions. For example, no high fives are being distributed at a national gym chain for the time being and employees are making extra rounds along the devices to keep that school.

Furthermore, everyone is of course free to work for themselves in the forest or through the city.

Is traveling on public transport still safe?

The cabinet advises that the elderly and the vulnerable should not travel by public transport.

Travelers are asked to observe additional hygiene rules. Such as washing hands regularly, coughing and sneezing inside their elbow, using tissue paper and not shaking hands.

Can I visit grandpa and grandma this weekend?

The corona virus threatens loneliness for the elderly. However, healthy people are also called upon to make limited visits to vulnerable people (such as the elderly). Whether it is still wise to let grandparents look after the grandchildren is up to the parties involved. The cabinet will not comment on this.

According to the ANBO elderly association, it is ‘very intense’ for the elderly if they receive fewer visitors. « A visit can be a highlight of the day or a week, » said the union. He has created a special telephone number so that the elderly do not have to be lonely: 0348 – 46 66 66.

But what if you are sick?

Then the situation changes. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) urges people in isolation not to leave their homes.

Patients in home isolation will have to call on family, housemates or acquaintances for their shopping.

Before patients can go outside again, they must be free of symptoms for at least a day. That is to say: no fever, no colds and no coughing.

What about my dog?

Pet owners who have the coronavirus are advised to transfer care of their animal to housemates. Patients living alone or those admitted to the hospital are advised to have someone else take care of the animal. If that is not possible, the dog or cat can, for example, be taken to a shelter.

According to Wageningen University, there is no reason to quarantine pets of corona patients.