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Elisa Pilarski is dead from the fangs of her companion’s attack dog. According to the Aisne prosecutor’s office, DNA tests have confirmed the innocence of hunting dogs. While imbeciles take the defense of the killer dog, remember that the latter had been acquired illegally and « trained with bite » …

Would you like to breed an African lion and train it for combat to make it your pet?

For most of us who are not professional cat training and do not suffer from psychiatric disorders, the answer will be obvious: no. However, thousands of French people choose to own dangerous dogs of the Molossoid type, sometimes crossed and forbidden to breed, in family homes with young children. Even more incredible, thousands of French people are also convinced that these dogs are harmless if not less dangerous for humans than a dwarf chihuahua. Travel in Curtis’ France, among the madmen of mastiffs.

Hunting dogs once suspected

The much frequented Facebook page « in support of the Curtis Advocacy Committee », named after the dog owned by Elisa Pilarski, devoured in the forest of Retz in the Aisne, has been active since the beginning of this dark affair to protect the mastiff from the vengeful wrath of justice from men who are corrupt by nature. Unveiled on Tuesday, November 3, the DNA tests carried out to clarify the Pilarski mystery incriminated the attack dog Curtis, which was the property of the young woman’s companion, and exonerated the 60 dogs of a hunting pack suspected for a time. .

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The DNA of Elisa Pilarski would have been identified on the jaw, the right eye and the harness of the dog Curtis. Crewmaster of the rally La Passion, Sébastien Van den Berghe reacted in the columns you Figaro, showing his relief after months of media battles against so-called animal rights activists: “Even if this proof of innocence will not repair the harm done to us by the dumpsters of false accusations and threats that we have had to endure for almost a year, it is nevertheless a great satisfaction that will help us to overcome our pain and our anger ”.


It is legitimate to think that the matter must end there, that too much energy and time have been wasted unnecessarily by the supporters of the American pitbull terrier of his master Christophe Ellul, which one can imagine that he is feels guilty in his heart of the disappearance of Mrs. Pilarski. Nay, the Facebook pages and the supporters do not disarm, now convinced … of the existence of a plot fomented by the hunting lobby and the gendarmerie! For example, we can find this comment from a certain Brigitte under a video of the dog walking in the forest broadcast on November 3, accompanied by emojis showing a character vomiting and another angry: “From the start they have condemned him! Too long this investigation, I have never even seen it, in horror films. No mercy for the family and her husband. I can’t believe it ”. Or again, by a Beatrice this very eloquent: “With all my heart with you and Curtis. When we see this video we understand how much he was attached to his mistress. « 

Other commentators fall squarely into the purest conspiracy, like Margaret: « Yes, you must have guessed Curtis is the ideal culprit high society is not going to blame hounds for hunting with hounds, when you have money you buy everything, I always support Curtis as much as the husband of Elisa continues to fight for Curtis, to get him home. He’s been in pain for how long he must be wondering what happened to him, give Curtis back to his master the conclusions that were made I don’t believe it and I’m not the only one, and a thought for Elisa and his little angel up there ”. Will the Curtis test replace the IQ test in the future? Under the pretext that dogs would be beautiful, sometimes cute, could they not kill?

A dog obsessed with biting

The first veterinary forensic experts on the case had however already found that Curtis was « obsessed with the idea of ​​biting » and that the bites found on Mrs. Pilarski’s body corresponded to those of a mastiff. In his report, the prosecutor specified that the type of training offered to the illegally acquired dog could « Report acts of animal abuse » and was a « Method of training such as to abolish any capacity for control or discernment and leads to behavior without discrimination concerning the object or the person bitten. » « 

Dogs have predatory instincts, even the smallest. When they are physically as impressive as Curtis, they can easily kill a grown man. The last survey published by the Institute for Public Health Surveillance relating to dog bites dates from 2011, concerning studies of the emergency services of eight hospitals between the 1is May 2009 and June 30, 2010. Every year, dog bite injuries cause thousands of emergency calls and hospitalizations. The investigation also showed that in 86% of serious cases, the dog was known to the victim. As for the bites by attack dogs (whether they are without origin or grouped together in the French book of origins commonly known by the acronym LOF), they were 18 in 14 cases concerning known victims of the dog.

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Less numerous than their congeners of more common breeds, large in size like Labradors or small in size like Jack Russels which are the source of many bites, category dogs are living weapons. We can never fully predict the behavior of an animal, let alone an animal trained to bite and defend. You should also know that first category dogs, that is to say from crosses not registered in the LOF, such as pitbulls, amstaffs and boerbulls are subject to a large number of legal prohibitions. In theory, they cannot access public transport, public places or premises open to the public. On public roads and in the common areas of apartment buildings, they must be muzzled and kept on a leash by an adult. They are also prohibited for purchase, sale, import and export on French territory. Their owners must also have in their possession a detention permit and civil liability insurance, conditional on a behavioral assessment conducted by a veterinarian after sterilization of the beast!

We don’t have such a hound by chance

These steps are not being taken to annoy dog ​​lovers who flirt with Facebook but to protect society from extremely dangerous monsters. France Curtis is blinded by its sentimentalism, these dogs are never possessed by chance. People who absolutely want to have non-class dogs in their homes are often city criminals or people fascinated by the violence of these animals… which they train to bite when it is strictly forbidden. Even professionals do not need it, Malinois and German Shepherds doing very well for protection and security missions. This ridiculous campaign for Curtis must stop. She is unworthy.

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