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Crafty Ponies horse cuddle + instruction booklet was named overall winner of the Horses Product of the Year election tonight. At the festive award ceremony at Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel, this educational horse hug emerged as the best product of all 63 nominated products and services. « The quality exudes from it, a great concept, » the jury said.

Category Services & Knowledge

Crafty Ponies horse hug + instruction booklet first came out as the best in the Services & Knowledge category. When the overall winner was announced from all ten category winners, Rob Wip, the man behind Crafty Ponies Netherlands, was once again allowed to take the podium.
With Crafty Ponies, children can learn more about ponies and horses in a playful way. This is done through realistic miniature horse hugs, grooming and equipment sets, but also with the help of online videos and pony lessons in the Crafty Ponies Pony Club. The public thinks this product is a wonderful way to introduce children to the care and treatment of horses in a playful way. The enthusiastic professional jury gave Crafty Ponies a unanimous ten for innovation and appearance.

“Wow! Really incredibly cool! ”, Responds Rob Wip, the man behind Crafty Ponies Netherlands. “Our horse hugs are focused on knowledge, to teach children from an early age how to deal with horses. We focus a lot on safety. We have spent months and months making everything right. Because we want to teach children everything the right way! It is very cool to win these prizes with that now! ”

The book « Think first, then save! » Came in second in this category. In this book, former firefighter Harko Kwakernaat shares his forty years of experience in rescuing horses from emergencies. The public finds this book groundbreaking with practice-oriented information and the jury praises it for its employability and innovative character.
Find your Buitenrit, a platform for finding and reserving outrides, came third.

Category Training

Team by Jill, the online platform of international Grand Prix rider Jill Huijbregts, won the award in the Training category. Through instructional videos, Jill Huijbregts gives online dressage training for anyone who wants to develop in equestrian sports, from beginner to Grand Prix. The public is enthusiastic about its educational videos with clear explanations. The jury judges this service as a well-applied concept in the dressage world with broad accessibility.

Jill Huijbregts appears on stage with a big smile. “I’m not used to telling anything without a horse! I started as a little girl at the riding school and eventually, through a very big dream, I grew up as an international rider. Very often I was asked if I wanted to teach other riders. And that is why I came up with something that is very widely accessible and educational for the general public. « 

One Switch Equestrian Coaching coaches riders from all disciplines in the field of equestrian vitality and thus achieved second place. With guidance in the field of rider-specific training, nutrition, work-rest ratio and mental well-being, the enthusiastic One Switch team makes a difference for riders on both a technical and personal level. The jury therefore considers this service to be a good, affordable supplement for riders.
Third came SURE FOOT Equine Stability Pads, an innovative way to increase the balance and movement of your horse. By placing the horse on different SURE FOOT stability / balance pads, a new consciousness is activated in the horse’s brain.

Category From the tack room – saddles

The Graziozo saddle with pelvic analysis is the best in the category From the tack room saddles. This innovative dressage saddle has been developed to create an optimal pelvic position and mobility. Together with the physiotherapist / pelvic specialist, a computer pelvic analysis can be made to gain a better insight into where the points for improvement lie. And the specially developed tree contributes to more freedom of movement for the horse. Consumers are very enthusiastic about the service and notice a positive difference in their own attitude. The professional jury finds the saddle with the analysis a great combination.

“A good start to your sitting starts with your saddle and the balance and stability of you as a rider. That is why we have involved the flexchair with the Graziozo saddles to make the saddle fit perfectly. Of course we also adjust the saddle to the horse to complete the puzzle ”, says co-developer, physical therapist and Heavy Tour rider Dimphy van Oss.

Dressage saddle Rococco was the number two in this category. This saddle has a high positioned knee and thighs to support the rider even better. To maximize the comfort of the horse, the tree has been developed according to the latest knowledge. Consumers praise this saddle for its good location and beautiful finish. The jury believes that the broader twist responds to the demand of many combinations.
Third came Build My Baines, an application that gives you as a rider the opportunity to compile your handmade Frank Baines saddle completely yourself.

Category From the tack room – other

In the category From the tack room – other, the anatomical bar and bar bridle Equitus Gamma received the highest rating. The curved noseband bypasses the sensitive nerve at the head. The bite bit is attached to the noseband with a button nail and the rod is attached to the extended baking pieces, so that the bits lie more stable in the horse’s mouth. The public is very enthusiastic about this contribution to horse welfare. The jury believes that this anatomical bridle has a beautiful appearance and appreciates the innovative cooperation with the faculty in Berlin during the development.

“The anatomical bridle bridle is already known, and we also wanted to realize this with a bar and bridle bridle. That is more complicated than with a bridle bridle and we have developed this bridle together with the faculty in Berlin, « said Patrick Jurriens, representative of Schockemöhle Sports.

The Kettner Clip was second in this category. This innovative bridle number tightens itself securely by simply sliding the clip onto the cover or the bridle. A nice and solid product, according to jury and public.
Third was the bridle TB Pro, which is designed to minimize strain on the horse’s head.

Category Care – health

Werkman BLACK was head and shoulders above the other products in the Healthcare – Health category. With this mobile gait analysis system for farriers it is possible to monitor gait change over a horse over time. High-precision sensors digitally record the smallest hoof movements and convert them into a 3D animation with easy-to-interpret overviews. Both the public and the jury label Werkman BLACK as a valuable addition to the farrier.

Christel Werkman: “With this we think we have a revolution for farriers. It has been developed together with farriers and has therefore become very easy to use. « 

High Power Laser, a device with which high power laser therapy can be carried out, took second place. The use of red and infrared light can promote the recovery of wounds and injuries and alleviate chronic or acute pain. The jury believes that this laser has a good price-quality ratio.
Third was the Magnetic blanket of Magnetic Healthcare. The magnets in this blanket are stitched in the neck and back around important muscle groups, which can improve blood circulation. The jury is enthusiastic about the quality of this magnetic blanket.

Category Care – other

The Kettner Plaiting Kit is very useful if you are braiding your horse and is therefore the winner of the Other care category. This handmade braid bag made of genuine cow leather is a handy solution for anyone who wants to braid his horse easily and quickly, because you have it practically at hand. Consumers call this braid bag practical and fashionable and the jury describes it as an efficient product.

“I really did not expect to win! Many people put their horse’s braids in their pockets and then they lose things or fall to the ground. The Plaiting Kit has all the handy compartments for all braid stuff, with which you can work very well, « says Elise Kettner.

Leovet Leather care product, a very complete leather care line, finished second. The products from this line are free from petroleum and contain high-quality fats and oils to ensure that the leather remains smooth and beautiful. The jury is enthusiastic about the focus on sustainability.

Category Equestrian equipment

The award in the Equestrian Equipment category went to uvex elexxion. The built-in shell and hardshell are the two most important technologies in this riding helmet, creating a lightweight helmet with the highest impact resistance. The helmet’s individually adjustable shield ventilation system keeps your head cool and is an absolute lightweight at 460 grams. The audience is very enthusiastic about the light weight, the good fit and the good quality. The jury finds it interesting how two techniques merge into one helmet and describes the product as a safe, beautiful helmet with a good price-quality ratio.

Patrick Jurriens, representative of uvex: “This helmet has only been on the market for about four months and is already very well received. Great to also win this prize! ”

Second place in this category was also won by a product from uvex, namely the crx 700 glove. The functional materials on the palm ensure high functionality while driving. Thanks to the Schoeller® softshell, these riding gloves are ideal in wind, humidity and cold. Consumers praise these gloves for their good grip.
Quick Jodphurs & Easy Chaps from Sergio Grasso finished third. This riding footwear is environmentally friendly and made with innovative, high-quality and non-animal materials.

Category In and around the stable

In the category In and around the barn, the Aqua2Go mobile competition shower won the prize. An ideal shower for taking summers with you on competitions, but also for spraying your horse with warm water in the winter. Thanks to the adjustable spray position, the Aqua2Go can be used for both the horse, the driving cart and trailer. Consumers find the product super handy and user-friendly. The jury finds the shower very well thought out and innovative.

“A little hobby of mine created this product. And now it has become a very handy shower for competitions! ”, Says Alfred Mulder, who is standing on the stage smiling.

In second place is the Dekenhoes, which was developed to protect a horse blanket against dirt, moisture and to minimize the spread of diseases and fungi. There are two models: one for the blanket racks on larger stables and one for the suspension brackets mounted on barn doors or in the trailer. Consumers are happy that the blankets with this product remain dust-free, clean and tidy.
The MAYO Horse mattress became third. With this hygienic surface, substantial savings on the costs of the litter are possible. The soft structure and compressibility of MAYO products offer maximum grip in all circumstances.

Category Supplements

The award in the Supplements category came in the name of Phytonics Gluco balance. This supplement focuses on healthy sugar management. In horses with a lot of fat storage, always hungry and never satisfied or having to be in the danger zone, the glucose balance is possible, due to an excess of sugars in food. Gluco balance can help to get the sugar balance in the body back in the right direction. It contains herbs, minerals and vitamins for a good function of the stomach and pancreas and supports the cleansing effect of the liver, the hormonal balance and the conversion processes in the body. Consumers are enthusiastic about the results achieved. The professional jury calls the supplement a proven product with good results.

“We see that horses get a lot of sugars through food and grass. This supplement can be regulated better with this supplement. It ensures that the glucose can be better absorbed into the cells, « says Irene Rol, the director / owner of Phytonics (NML Health).

Bonpard Resistance won second place in this category. This supplement has been specially developed for horses that lack resistance, such as horses with itching, skin bumps, mug, eczema or an autumn dip. Bonpard Resistance has been compiled on the basis of scientific knowledge by veterinarian and animal nutrition specialist Anneke Hallebeek. Consumers have many positive user experiences and appreciate the scientific basis. The jury points out the social relevance by guarantee via the vet as a positive point.
Natural’Digest, a prebiotic that is used for an improved intestinal flora, came third. This supplement acts as a buffer in the stomach, which reduces stomach ulcers.

Category Enter

Pavo FiberBeet was unbeatable in the Feed category. Pavo FiberBeet has been specially developed for conditional horses and ponies. It is a carefully assembled combination of SpeediBeet (beet pulp flakes), alfalfa and highly digestible fibers from soybean hulls with a touch of Fenugreek (fenugreek) for the palatability. The product is completely grain-free and also contains a very low sugar and starch content. The public describes Pavo FiberBeet as a high-quality product that is quick and easy to prepare. The jury appreciates that the product is very well developed in consultation with the target group and also sees the quick preparation as an advantage.

“FiberBeet has been developed to bring horses back to weight in a healthy way. Because we have a lot to do with older horses that are difficult to maintain their weight and suffer from sugars ”, says content manager at Pavo Liselotte Bosch and food advisor Ragne Verhoeven.

OerBalans became second in the Feed category. This product is full of herbs, vitamins and minerals for your horse. They contain fibers and substances that support digestive processes, waste disposal and the overall metabolism. Consumers notice that horses are literally better in their own skin and fur and use it as a nice addition. The jury also sees it as a good product.
EquilinGROW – « Feeding the new » became third. Current statistics on horses with colic, stomach ulcers and stereotyped behavior confirm that at least 1.5% of the body weight in dry matter (DS) of fiber / roughage per day must be given to prevent this. From the age of one year, horses have no extra need for energy, with sufficient suitable roughage. There is, however, a need for easily absorbable minerals, good proteins, natural vitamin E and probiotics, which EquilinGROW provides.

Explanation about the election

In this eighth edition of the Horses Product of the Year election no less than 63 equestrian products and services have been nominated, subdivided into ten categories. The election was organized by Eisma Horsesmedia, publisher of Bit, Dressuur, Paardenkrant and, and made possible by Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel.

At the end of 2019, horse lovers could vote for their favorite products and services via the website At the beginning of January the jury of experts met in Apeldoorn to assess the products and services. The jury panel consisted of chairman Dirk Willem Rosie (chief editor Paardenkrant and, Solange Schrijer (physiotherapist and horse chiropractor), Bastiaan de Recht (Grand Prix rider), Hank van Campen (veterinarian), Wendy Scholten (equestrian journalist and horsewoman) and Mariëtte van der Zande (nutritionist). The consumer votes and the opinion of the professional jury both counted – 30% and 70% respectively – in the final result.

Equestrian package winners

Eisma Horsesmedia was able to raffle off two rider packages among the voters of the Horses Product of the Year Award at the Van der Valk Hotel Apeldoorn-De Cantharel. This package consists of:
– An overnight stay for two people
– Dinner with live cooking and breakfast
– 2 luxury horse boxes
– Including all the facilities of the Paardenhotel

The winners will receive a personal message.