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Coronavirus: your questions and our answers this Thursday – Insurance for Pets

  • Why aren’t all the articles on the La République site accessible to everyone, some of them being reserved for your subscribers?

Many of you have asked us this question in recent days … Mobilized since the start of the health crisis and aware of the challenges of the most clear and precise information possible, our site decided, from the first day of the epidemic, provide free access to all practical articles intended for the public and information relating to health security. Only certain articles, excluding coronavirus news, or even analyzes or reports on the situation remain payable.

We also created a group on Facebook so that all readers can ask their questions to the editor: a group of specially dedicated journalists tries to answer them every day as soon as possible and all these answers are of course systematically free. This group also makes it possible to expose your needs and to propose mutual aid solutions and good plans. « La Rép’ at your service « : the name of this group makes sense.

Since the start of the epidemic, our newspaper companies, which are not in the public sector but are fully aware of playing a form of public service in the dissemination of information, have also been faced with the collapse of their advertising revenues. However, we still have to pay the salaries of journalists who continue to feed the site and the paper newspaper, rotativists who still produce the paper newspaper for our subscribers and readers, administrative staff at all levels, but also to respect the work the hawkers selling the press, who bring the newspaper every morning to our subscribers, and all those involved in the dissemination of the newspaper (the Post Office, drivers who deliver the press deposits). This is why we cannot offer all of our content for free: it is also, for Pyrénées Presse, about preserving its economic survival. We think our readers will understand it.

  • The government encourages the available French people to work in agriculture. Being available and already working in a neighboring field Are there any needs here?

If we believe the ministerial announcement made on Tuesday, « to facilitate recruitment, the Ministry of Labor will set up, with Pôle emploi, a platform dedicated to sectors which have, during this period, specific recruitment needs. Access to this platform will be simplified for applicants as well as for companies and will provide real-time access to recruitment needs throughout France.  » Until it sees the light of day, another such initiative exists, via the wizi platform. It’s called « arms for your plate. »
You can register, fill in your skills and be put in contact with « farmers and the whole downstream chain of the agrifood sector » as needed. « Job seekers or the self-employed whose activity has been stopped are obviously the first to be affected by these job opportunities in the sector. But, in this period of economic slowdown, employees employed by companies in decline in activity are also likely to meet the intense recruitment needs of the sector, « specify the Ministries of Economy, Labor and Agriculture in their press release.

  • I am looking for a DIY store in the Pau region, it seems that they are all closed (although they are among the stores that can open). Do you know one that is open?

At first, the DIY stores were not part of the basic necessities. Then the government changed it and incorporated it. However, all of the brands preferred to close their stores. To compensate for this, some have chosen to favor the withdrawal of goods on site. This is the case of Leroy Merlin or Castorama for example. For others, like Brico Dépôt, only home delivery is still possible. Visit their websites to discover the possibilities as well as the basic necessities available for sale. Indeed, all the references are not for sale.

  • I received a new vehicle the day before the confinement, I absolutely have to get a tax discharge to be able to get my registration card online. I keep calling the tax department who doesn’t answer. Can you tell me if they are part of the institutions that remain open or not, because there is no info on their voicemail …?

During this coronavirus pandemic, the tax services do not receive an audience, unless absolutely necessary, by appointment. To get in touch with them, you must therefore use the secure messaging of your personal space on the site, use the contacts page of the same site or call 0809 401 401 (call not surcharged). So much for the general situation.
But, good news, your personal case can be settled differently. On the site, there are a lot of resources available.
1. Type « quitus » in the search bar that appears on the home page. Several proposals will appear.
2. Click on the last « Covid-19 – Do not travel: Obtain a tax certificate (or tax clearance) following the purchase of a vehicle in another country of the European Union ».
3. You arrive on a new page. Click on the highlighted link mentioning the same proposal as the previous one. A page is displayed, explaining all the procedures for obtaining a discharge.
4. During this confinement period, a new form was implemented. Click on the words « Download Form No. 1993-PART-D », print it, fill it out.
5. Then, you must send it ONLY by email to the DGFIP. On the same page as the one where you found the form, click on « Find contact details for my service » below to find out who to send it to.
6. Do not forget to add the requested supporting documents to your shipment. And voila.
Otherwise, as the Internet is magic, click on this link and start operations at number 4.

  • Can my wife come and shop with me in my vehicle?

Once again, the recommendations are clear: travel must be limited as much as possible. If you do not have a vital need to be with your wife or you are not dependent on her for any problem, go alone. Do not forget to bring your special certificate. If she absolutely has to come with you, each of you should have your own. In addition, the confinement rules require that you go shopping in the nearest shops, once or twice a week.

  • I have a few isolated hens and pigeons in the woods about 3 km from my home. Am I allowed to go and feed and water them every 2 days? Which box should I check on the declaration and should I specify the place where I am going?

It’s a gray area so you have to use common sense … If no one closer can feed them for you, you’re not going to let them die. Therefore, you must go there, trying to space your travels as far as possible. You must check the first box of the certificate « Travel between home and the place of exercise of the professional activity, when they are essential for the exercise of activities that cannot be organized in the form of teleworking or travel professionals who cannot be deferred ”. On the certificate, you just have to declare where you live and when you leave. To avoid problems, try to do it as soon as possible.

  • My children aged 19 and 17 are students on the Basque coast. They chose to confine themselves to it to work quietly. Except that as it will last more than 2 weeks they start to panic a little. I plan to go get them. It’s a family motive for me. You agree ?

Not at all. While the overriding family motive is one of the cases in which displacement is authorized, the government has quite clearly defined it. « It is a question of authorizing displacements whose necessity cannot be called into question (injury of a close relative, accompaniment of a vulnerable or not autonomous person, death of a close family member) ». A priori, your children do not enter these boxes since they live independently

  • What should you check on the derogatory travel certificate to go to the laundromat?

During this confinement period, the laundromats are mostly open. In any case, they are still allowed to open. To get there, if there is no alternative solution, you must check the « essential purchases » box. We advise you to wash your hands well after your visit because a lot of people pass through these shops …

  • With my husband, we would like to walk together with a mask. Is it allowed?

Yes with a certificate. Are allowed « short trips, within one hour and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the home, linked either to the individual physical activity of people, to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice and any proximity to other people, or to the walk with the only people gathered in the same home, or the needs of pets ”.

  • Hello, my child under the age of one is usually looked after by a childminder. To protect herself, the latter no longer wanted to take in children during the confinement phase. Since my work cannot be done by teleworking, can I benefit from the childcare stop and receive compensation?

On the Health Insurance website, it is stated that the childcare stop is reserved for « employees forced to stay at home following the closure of the establishment welcoming their child, without possibility of teleworking.  »

But unlike crèches and day nurseries, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health « does not demand the work stoppage of nursery assistants ». They can therefore continue to take children into their homes. A fortiori if the parents of these children exercise a priority profession (health professions…). According to the state, teleworking is not a valid pretext for refusing to accept children. However, in order to respect the confinement imposed on all, and in a « spirit of good citizenship », the departmental councils can advise non-priority parents to try to keep their children at home.

However, according to a note from Maternal and Child Protection (PMI), maternal assistants who are elderly or suffering from a chronic illness must contact their doctor to confirm that the activity should be interrupted. Likewise, childminders living under the same roof as relatives with fragile health will have to stop receiving.

Not knowing the situation of your childminder, we can no longer move forward on the subject. It would be best to explain your situation to your employer and see what he offers you.

  • I live in a very small apartment and my parents live 10 minutes from my house by car and have a garden, am I allowed to go out to go to their house during the day in order to get some fresh air in their garden?

« Short trips, within the limit of one hour daily and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around the home, linked either to the individual physical activity of people, to the exclusion of any collective sporting practice and any proximity to other people, or to the walk with the only people grouped in the same home, or the needs of pets ”.

10 minutes. This means that your parents’ home is more than one kilometer from your home. Furthermore, your parents are not part of your household. So no.

  • Hello. We talk a lot about ffp2 masks but are ffp3 effective too?

Indeed, the subject of masks is at the heart of all concerns. Disposable respiratory protective devices filtering against particles, the masks serve to protect the wearer against the inhalation of infectious agents like Covid-19, transmissible by « air ». They also protect against the risk of transmission through « droplets ».
there are several types of masks: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 (Did you know that? FFP is the acronym for Filtering Facepiece Particles, which would translate into French as a particle filter mask. You can now amaze your friends during confinement) . The efficiency takes into account the efficiency of the filter: the FFP1 masks stop 80% of the particles in the direction of inspiration, the FFP2 masks stop 94% when the FFP3 masks stop 99% of the particles. To answer your question, FFP3 masks are the best as long as you know how to put them on, which is more technical than it seems.
But do not forget that masks are reserved primarily for caregivers. If you have FFP3 masks, make a donation either in pharmacies or in hospitals.

  • Do I have the right to go out of my house to drop glass at the glass container in my neighborhood located a few hundred meters from my home and in this case only check on my certificate because this case is not planned?

Noble intention on your part to want to continue your civic approach to selective sorting. Nevertheless, it is forbidden to go out for this reason there. Remember that the purpose of containment is to slow the spread of the epidemic and sorting cannot be a valid reason for exposing yourself and taking risks. The best gift you could give caregivers is to stay at home. The duration of decomposition of the glass being estimated at 4000 years, the jars or bottles can wait a few days in your kitchen before being deposited at the end of confinement.

  • My husband is diabetic on insulin pump, heart patient, etc. I work at the factory. Can I claim a work stoppage to stay with him knowing that, for the moment, the factory is closed?

You are worried about catching the virus at work and passing it on to your vulnerable spouse. But if the factory in which you work is currently closed, you must be unemployed a priori, so at home. If your factory reopens during the epidemic, it is best to speak to your doctor who treats situations on a case-by-case basis.