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Coronavirus: « We stay here for you, stay at home for us », the staff of the CHU Grenoble Alpes calls for respect for confinement … – Insurance for Pets

A certificate to be cut out in Le Dauphiné Libéré

In our paper edition of this Saturday, March 21, you will find a derogatory certificate of travel to cut.

➤ This document is now mandatory on each trip and, importantly, it is personal.
– Personal travel authorized: health emergencies, basic necessities, intergenerational assistance, childcare, individual physical activities and meeting the needs of pets. You will have to make one for each trip.

– Business trips: essential trips to the workplace (when teleworking is impossible) and any other business trip that cannot be postponed. Your employer’s certificate for business travel is valid indefinitely.

Obligatoire The compulsory travel certificate can be downloaded from the official government website or copied on plain paper. The use on smartphone is no longer authorized since Wednesday March 18. It must necessarily be presented on paper.

➤ The document must be filled in with indelible ink. Pencil and eraser are therefore prohibited.

3:55 p.m. : Confinement requires, sport must rather be done indoors. To help you, the physical trainer of the Wolf Burners Grenoble Stéphane Gervais offers shared sessions on the club’s Twitter account.

3:38 p.m. : The resuscitation staff at CHU de Grenoble posted a photo on social media. On their sign, the message is clear « We stay here for you, stay at home for us ».

3:32 p.m .: Faced with the current health situation, Doctors 7/7 sets up teleconsultation 7 days a week from 8h to 20h. To make an appointment, call 04 76 86 59 00.

3.30 p.m. : The « Stay at home », like the Grenoble artist Petite Poissone

Grenoble street artist Petite Poissone, in confinement and teleworking in her apartment in the capital of the Alps, posted a drawing this Friday on social networks. A « Stay at home » a little more trash, entitled « it borders on bullshit » where she expresses a certain annoyance in front of all those who do not respect the safety rules, and whom she sees wandering under her window in groups…

Petite Poisonne pictures

3:26 p.m. : The virtuoso from Grenoble, Maïté Louis, has just published a short tutorial for musicians confined due to the health crisis. “Between two lessons with your teacher, it is sometimes essential to tune your instrument. Here are a few tips to help you get out of it, ”she tells us in her YouTube video.

3:02 p.m. : Grenoble footballer Olivier Giroud launched a call on his Twitter account to support healthcare staff. A call for donations has notably been launched by the Assistance public hospitals de Paris, you can participate here.

2:55 p.m. : As everywhere in France, the Anémones district in Saint-Martin-d’Hères idles. Even though the Condorcet school is open to accommodate the children of the nursing staff, we no longer come across lines of cars around the establishment, nor families who are quietly waiting for the gates to open. The park is empty, the stadium inaccessible to the public even if some recalcitrant do not hesitate to climb the gate for a ball game. But on the whole, the residents respect the measures in place. They remain confined to their homes, and only meet at 8 pm for a time of communion during the applause session of support for the « white coats ». The neighborhood restaurant has closed, as has the bar.

As authorized by the government, only the tobacco shop continues to operate. The owner, Christine, and her husband, who usually controls the bar, are there for the locals. And this far beyond their tobacconist activity. As the manager explains, « finally tobacco also idles, it’s 70% less activity because people do not go out that much if it is not for essential shopping or sports activities ». The tobacconist therefore sees far fewer people, and she who has been there for more than 6 years, worries about the inhabitants of the neighborhood, and more specifically the vulnerable people.

The latter therefore went around the buildings in order to hang a note on which she explains that we must be united. For its part, it offers to order bread, and distributes certificates to those who would not have access to it. While chatting with her, she also explains that she is ready to do a few errands, and be of service according to her skills because « in times like this, to get out of the crisis, nothing is more essential than solidarity and respect for the rules imposed ”.

Photo The DL / Marwa BOUCHKARA

2:50 p.m .: The manager of a pizzeria located on the banks of the Isère in Grenoble just been verbalized, this Saturday around 2:30 p.m., by the police for having opened despite the ban. A client was inside, he also received a € 135 fine.

2:22 p.m. : AT Saint-Martin-d’Hères, the two marriages that were to be held in the town hall on March 25 and 28 « between two witnesses » according to the City are finally postponed.

1:59 p.m .: Information numbers for the general public

➤ For general or administrative questions (except situations of serious symptoms, which must lead to calling 15) on the Covid-19 virus, the government has set up a toll-free number for the public: 0 800 130 000 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

➤ In addition to this national number, the Isère prefecture has activated a public information unit (CIP), in order to inform the population of the department about the methods of organization and operation of public services in Isère: 0 800,000 638 (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday).

➤ Questions relating to the reception of children from 3 to 16 years old can be addressed directly to the directorate of the departmental services of National Education (DSDEN), at 04 76 74 70 01. The Isère CIP will, if necessary, direct users to the telephone contact corresponding to their request

1:50 p.m. : Métromobilités updated transport schedules for the TAG network yesterday evening for the weekend and the week to come. The structure recalls: « Do not move unless it is essential. Otherwise take care of our caregivers … stay at home »

1:40 p.m .: BDL, FCG, GF38: Grenoble supporters lack their club

As a result of the suspension of all sports competitions, supporters are also deprived, and sometimes even outright lacking, of their discipline and their favorite club. Whether they are fans of the Wolf Burners, Grenoble Foot 38 or FC Grenoble Rugby, we gave them the floor.

1:25 p.m .: Staff adapted to the Grenoble court to deal with emergencies

The public prosecutor of Grenoble Éric Vaillant details the system put in place at the Grenoble court.

« Each day there are between 9 and 12 colleagues from the seat at the palace, between those of the investigation, the judge of the enforcement of sentences, the judge for family matters, immediate appearances and the first vice-presidents. The judges Telework when they can. Four or five public prosecutors are present every day in court to ensure telephone permanence for adults and minors, execution of sentences and immediate appearance hearings in particular. The rest carry out telework, some of them on duty of their family responsibilities. Sixteen registry staff are present every day. Lack of equipment, teleworking is not possible except for directors. At weekends, as in normal times, a public prosecutor is present at the office to manage the hotline « .

1 p.m. : Sou gendarmes surveillance, the mountain empties… finally

After three days of carelessness and affluence, the measures prohibiting mountain sports are finally mostly respected.

Hikers and strollers have finally deserted the place, after the prefect of Isère punched the table, like his Haut-Savoy counterpart before him. Authorities have said it again and again: containment is not variable geometry. And the holidays will be for later. When France and with it all of Europe are out of the vicious circle of the epidemic.

12.55 p.m .: Exhibition, concert, reading … Cultivate yourself without leaving your home!

Every day, find our good plans to cultivate yourself without leaving your home.

Do not hesitate to share with us your good plans of the moment: reading, music, film … or to send us your photos, videos or texts if you are artists. To contact us:

12:30 p.m. :the answers to your questions about containment

Faced with this unknown situation, many questions remain. We provide you with the answers in an article to find here.

Photo The DL / Ganaële MELIS

12:19 p.m. : Place de Verdun in Grenoble is deserted. And a sign hanging on a pillar leading to the parking lot is clear: « Stay at home ».

12:17 p.m. : AT The head, no major traffic. Including in the outdoor car parks near the Grenoble Alpes University Hospital.

Photo The DL

11.58 a.m. : Shortage of masks: united town halls

The town hall of Jarrie had a small stock of masks to protect municipal officials who must continue to carry out their mission in the event of a crisis (carrying meals, etc.). « Even if it is not much, I shared these masks with our five doctors, the carers of Jarrie as well as the teachers who keep the children of carers requisitioned in the hospital », writes Raphaël Guerrero, mayor of Jarrie.

From the start of the week, in order to support healthcare professionals, on the front line in managing the epidemic, the town hall of Claix also supplied FFP2 masks to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, midwives and care staff of the municipality. This made it possible to temporarily compensate for the delay in the delivery of strategic stocks.

11.35 a.m .: Surgical masks: the appeal of the City of Grenoble

A mask collection is organized in the Grenoble region. The urgency is to be able to provide protective means, surgical masks and FFP2 in priority, to the personnel in contact with infected people.

The City of Grenoble calls companies that have masks to contact (or on Facebook: specifying the material available and the quantity.

11:20 a.m. : On the university domain of Saint-Martin-d’Hères, bus and tram are in circulation but few users inside.

11:07 a.m. : The Green Fringe ParkÉchirolles, paradise for joggers, finally deserted. Recall that the mayor Renzo Sulli launched yesterday the national police for more presence, considering that the confinement was not respected enough in his commune. Today, at the entrance to the park, the municipal police are present. Visual deterrence that seems to work

11:01 am : On the Champberton market of Saint-Martin-d’Hères, a trader talks about the barrier measures taken in relation to the spread of Covid-19 and talks about the consequences of the crisis on her business.

At the farmers’ marketÉchirolles, the Jourdanet fruits (Le Cheylard) is happy to be able to sell its products because its other markets have been canceled

10.55 a.m .: Where to find Le Dauphiné Libéré in newsstands this Saturday, March 21?

While many businesses have closed their doors following containment measures, find our points of sale open this Saturday in the Grenoble area in our interactive map.

10.52 am : Journal of confined Isérois: day 4 at Fontanil-Cornillon

Every day, during the period of confinement following the health crisis in the country, Le Dauphiné Libéré offers you a newspaper for those confined in Isère. Day 4 stops in the commune of Fontanil-Cornillon, at the Arboit family. Christophe, Sonia, Eloïse (5 years old) and little Timothée, eight months old. Both work remotely and try to juggle the children’s daily lives at the same time. All with a smile.

Watch the video here.

Photo The DL / Ganaële MELIS

10:50 a.m. : At the farmers’ market this Saturday morning at the covered hall of the Vieux village in Échirolles, we respect the safety distances.

AT Saint-Martin-d’Hères, an endless queue on the side of the Géant Casino hypermarket bordering avenue Gabriel-Péri. Customers respect a safe distance and their entry into the store is regulated by a security guard.

10.44 am : The Grenoble group GN7 composed a song to pay homage to the nursing staff.

10:30 a.m. : The city of Grenoble indicates that she has opened a day nursery for children aged 0 to 3 years of nursing staff. More info here.

10:20 a.m. : On the South ring road at the Rondeau interchange in Grenoble, traffic is very calm. Usually here on Saturday morning, there are many cars in the direction of Comboire and its shopping center

Photo The DL / Ganaële MELIS

10:20 am: Coronavirus: probable cases of contamination at the Collège de l’Aigle in Grenoble

For the first time since the onset of the health crisis in Grenoble, a school officially announced that students were probably affected. It is by an informative and sober email that the director of La Salle college, Christine Jeancolas, informed the parents of students this Friday at the end of the day of the suspected case of Covid-19 within his establishment.

10:15 am : At the airport of Saint-Geoirs the activity continues even if it is considerably reduced and mainly consists in bringing back British nationals still in France on their native soil.

10:10 am: At the Saint-Bruno market in Grenoble, reduced to a handful of food traders, few people this morning. At the Estacade, many more people at 9:30 am. The locals come to stock up on fresh produce and chat with the merchants.

10 a.m. : Hello and welcome to our live. This Saturday, March 21, we invite you to follow the situation live in Isère. Find here practical information, testimonies and reports with our journalists mobilized in the field.

Also find live the evolution of the situation concerning the coronavirus epidemic in France and in the world.