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Coronavirus: the complete and detailed list of businesses that remain open – Insurance for Pets

In addition to food stores, the government clarified on Tuesday the signs authorized to continue their activity. If your computer, your phone or your car goes down, you will not stay there …

Allow people to eat, ensure the response to the needs of everyday life: an order of the Minister of Solidarity and Health specified the places receiving the public that can continue to operate, within the limit of 100 people accommodated. We list them for you, chapter by chapter.


The supermarkets, supermarkets and hypermarkets remain accessible. Retail stores specializing in frozen products, fruits and vegetables, meat and meat products, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, bakeries – which may open seven days a week -, pastries and confectionery; wine merchants and all other specialized food brands (cheese factories, etc.).

The food distributions charitable organizations will also be able to continue, as will retail businessesanimal feed and supplies have the right to open.

Repair of cars, motorcycles, tractors, etc.

It is always possible to have your vehicle repaired. The signs of e are openmaintenance and repair of motor vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment, those selling automotive equipment, commerces and repair garages specializing in motorcycles and cycles.

Of course, the petrol stations continue to operate and deliver fuel.

Computer and telecommunications brands

No question of being cut off from the world by being locked up at home: the retail trade in information and communication equipment,computers and their peripherals and software specialists can continue to open their curtains, just like cretail trade in telecommunications equipment.

This is also the case, by extension, for specialists in the repair of this kind of product.

We have already mentioned this, but press and stationery distributors are continuing to operate.

In the medical sector

In addition to pharmacists, sellers of medical and orthopedic items and opticians are allowed to open their doors to their customers.

For professionals

Certain types of specialized signs remain, access to which is limited to professionals. Those of the building industry, in the retail trade of building materials, hardware, paints and glass. Those of agriculture, for the supplies necessary for agricultural holdings. This is also the case for rental companies agricultural machinery and equipment or intended for construction.

Sector that interests the business world, again, labor placement agencies and temporary employment.

And finally, the laundries, the sfuneral services,financial and insurance activities and … Courtrooms of the jurisdictions!