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Schools are closed, there is no school on the farm. The children are at home – what now applies to the offer of the stall visit?

Aline Gerber is responsible for the stall visit at the Agricultural Information Service (LID) and, at the request of the BauernZeitung, declares that the providers will be informed by email in the coming days.

If possible stay at home

According to the recommendation of the Federal Council, the population should stay at home if possible. There is therefore no reason to conduct a stall visit, the LID writes in a message.

It is important that every company communicates this on site, as not all possible visitors get information online.

Companies with farm shops continue to make their own decisions, as the grocery stores can remain open to this day.

According to Gerber, the following applies:

  • Each company decides for itself in what framework it can and wants to be open to the public
  • Opening times can be adjusted continuously and published in the farmers’ portal. Anyone who needs help can get in touch.
  • When searching for a courtyard, visitors are advised to contact the company in advance for the latest information. There should be a notice box on the Hofsuche website.

The corona virus and farm animals

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) provides some information on what should be observed in farm animals in connection with the corona virus.

A basic distinction must be made between transmission and distribution:

  • The Transmission risk is rated as very low. Pets (farm animals or pets) play no role in the course of the current epidemic. However, there is currently not enough information available on this. An infection or a risk of infection cannot be completely ruled out for pets whose owners have contracted the corona virus. But so far, no symptoms of disease have been found in animals, which means that they do not get sick.
  • The virus spread is currently mostly human to human and there is no evidence that farm animals play a role in the spread of the coronavirus.
    The recommendations of the BAG are to be followed on the farm.
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                On March 16, 2020, the Federal Council declared an “extraordinary situation” in accordance with the pandemic law. Switzerland is thus in a state of emergency and, step by step, industries and organizations have to find a viable way to deal with the situation.
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