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Coronavirus: increase in hospitalizations in Drôme and Ardèche – Insurance for Pets

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According to the last point communicated Sunday April 26 by the regional health agency (ARS), there was one additional death in hospitals in Ardèche and none in Drôme.

The cumulative number of people who died at the hospital rose to 112 in the Drome and 58 in Ardeche.
The number of people currently hospitalized has increased in the Drome (144 against 140 the day before) and Ardeche (101 against 95 the day before).
Regarding the return of people to their homes after hospitalization, the cumulative number is 363 in the Drome and is increasing in Ardeche (260 against 259 the day before).

Daily statistics released this Sunday evening by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) show that new hospitalizations linked to covid-19 are still decreasing in the Rhône-Alpes region. 50 new patients were hospitalized between Saturday evening and Sunday in the hospitals of the eight departments of the region against 101 between Friday and Saturday and 107 between Thursday and Friday (this data being established by adding up discharges and deaths, then subtracting from this number the balance of current hospitalizations). They were 109 Thursday, 132 Wednesday, 152 Tuesday. In Isère, no new patient has been hospitalized since Saturday.

We regret the death of 14 people in hospital in the last 24 hours.

A total of 2,531 people are currently hospitalized in Rhône-Alpes hospitals. This is nine more than the previous day but this increase is explained by the low number of home returns usually recorded on Sunday in hospitals and could therefore be balanced by the home returns which will be effective this Monday.

1,157 people have died in hospital in the Rhône-Alpes region since the start of the epidemic.
And 4,346 people, 27 more than the day before, were able to return to their homes.

« Since April 20, there has been a downward trend in current hospitalizations, although they are slightly more numerous today (2,694) compared to yesterday (2,682), » added the Regional Health Agency.