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Coronavirus attacks first dog: pet infected with COVID-19! Are our animals contagious? – Insurance for Pets

The corona virus continues to rage! To date, over 83,000 cases have been confirmed worldwide – and there is still no end in sight to the infections. Now the COVID-19 virus is said to be the first dog have affected. Now we have to worry about ours in this country too Pets do?

Suspected coronavirus in dogs in Hong Kong

As currently in the British « The Sun » can be read, was also the first dog in Hong Kong positive for that coronavirus tested. According to the report, the animal was infected with the disease by its owner. Accordingly, the virus can also be transmitted from person to animal and not just the other way around.

First pet apparently tested positive for COVID-19

The dog’s owner, Yvonne Chow Hau Yee, who lives in Hong Kong with her beloved Pomeranian, also tested positive for COVID-19. The four-legged friend was picked up at his owner’s house on Wednesday after the woman was diagnosed with coronavirus. A spokesman confirmed that nasal and oral specimens of the pomeranian were weakly positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Was the dog infected by its owner? Further tests should clarify

However, the spokesman added: « Currently, the AFCD (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation) has no evidence that pets are infected with the COVID-19 virus or can be a source of infection for humans. » Doctors now want to do more testing on the animal to make sure that the dog was actually infected with the disease or that the positive coronavirus test is due to environmental pollution of the mouth and nose. The dog was quarantined in an animal shelter that contains no other animals, the Hong Kong government said.

Coronavirus suspected in dogs! Is there now a danger from our pets?

Not much is known about the virus, which first appeared in China last year. It was initially thought that the coronavirus was transmitted from bats to humans. However, the Hong Kong Agriculture Department stated that there is no evidence that pets are infected or can be a source of infection for humans. Nevertheless, the department urged the population to also quarantine pets of confirmed virus patients. If the dog from Hong Kong is actually suffering from the coronavirus, this would be the first officially confirmed case of coronavirus in a pet.

If you believe a recent pandemic simulation, the corona virus could cost 65 million lives in the next 18 months. We can only hope that this forecast will not be confirmed.

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