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Corona tips Arnold Schwarzenegger go viral – Insurance for Pets

The unprecedented measures to contain the coronavirus take some getting used to for everyone. Fortunately, we can always count on our heroes to show us the way in these anxious times! No, we are not talking about BNs like Fred van Leer and Bobbi Eden (who called us yesterday not to go out), but Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together with his two out-of-reach pets Whiskey and Lulu, the Austrian oak had an urgent appeal to his fans!

Wash hands

In a video that Arnold Schwarzenegger posted on Twitter today, he calls on his followers to stay at home. « Listen to the experts and ignore the idiots. We’ll get through this togetherHe wrote in the video. Moreover, it is not the first time that the action hero advises his fans in these times of crisis. For example, he demonstrated on Twitter this weekend how you can best wash your hands to prevent infection with the coronavirus.

White cloth

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s corona tips have not gone unnoticed. His latest video was retweeted nearly 33,000 times at the time of writing! All nice and nice, but of course Arnie does best on the silver screen. Fortunately, he will soon be fighting side by side with none other than Jackie Chan in the brand new spectacle film The Iron Mask!

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