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A number of new relaxations of the restrictive corona measures will take effect on Monday. An overview.

The academies for part-time art education can be restarted in phases from 25 May, although this will initially be limited to one-to-one education for those who are crucial and subject to the rules regarding hygiene and social distance.

Parents and prospective students, who do not have access to digital alternatives, can visit a school for a guided tour, for example. The visits must take place when there are no pupils in the school, are only possible after an individual appointment, a maximum of three people may be present and the applicable safety measures must be followed. Physical registration is also possible in exceptional cases.

In prisons limited visit possible: one visit per prisoner per week, preferably the same person, no minors and keeping a distance.

The visiting arrangements in psychiatric care homes and residential rehabilitation facilities expand. From now on, several people from the same contact bubble can visit and the residents can leave the facility for activities or for a day visit or an overnight stay. The residents can live in the psychiatric care homes take individual leave days again.

They are also given the opportunity to do an activity with two other people outside the facility. Group and sports activities can also be restarted under certain conditions. The facilities can determine themselves whether and when these visits and activities are possible.

Minors and adults with disabilities who have been staying day and night with their healthcare provider or at home since the lockdown, can gradually go back temporarily for one or more days, or vice versa to their healthcare provider. It is an extension, not a return to normal business. Each healthcare provider determines the pace at which step can be taken.

The local service centers can reopen their doors for one-on-one services, such as hairdresser, pedicure and manicure, takeaway and psychosocial support. Group activities are not yet possible.